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Dear bankersdaily aspirant,

Now  Current Affairs at the GO. We are providing our Daily Current Affairs in Audio Form. You Could download Current Affairs audio and this will be useful for upcoming exams like IBPS RRB, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk and other Exams.

For a Trial, we are providing this audio in Tamil Language. We soon update the Audios in English and Other Regional languages.

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October 13Download
October 12Download
October 11Download
October 10Download
October 8 & 9Download
October 7Download
October 6Download
October 5Download
October 4Download
October 3Download
October 1 & 2Download
September 30Download
September 29Download
September 28Download
September 27Download
September 26Download
September 25Download
September 24Download
September 23Download
September 22Download
September 21Download
September 20Download
September 19Download
September 17 & 18Download
September 15 & 16Download
September 14Download
September 13Download
September 12Download
September 11Download
September 10Download
September 9Download
September 8Download
September 7Download
September 6Download
September 5Download
September 4Download
September 3Download
September 2Download
September 1Download
June 30Download
June 29Download
June 28Download
June 27Download
July 31Download
July 30Download
July 29Download
July 28Download
July 27Download
July 26Download
July 25Download
July 24Download
July 23Download
July 22Download
July 21Download
July 20Download
July 19Download
July 18Download
July 17Download
July 16Download
July 15Download
July 14Download
July 13Download
July 12Download
July 11Download
July 10Download
July 09Download
July 05Download
July 03Download
July 02Download
August 31Download
August 30Download
August 29Download
August 28Download
August 27Download
August 26Download
August 25Download
August 24Download
August 23Download
August 22Download
August 21Download
August 20Download
August 19Download
August 18Download
August 17Download
August 16Download
August 15Download
August 14Download
August 13Download
August 12Download
August 11Download
August 10Download
August 9Download
August 8Download
August 7Download
August 6Download
August 5Download
August 4Download
August 3Download
August 2Download
August 1Download

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