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  1. In a class, the respective ratio between the number of boys and the number of girls is 3 : 1. A test was conducted, where in the average score of the boys was 73, while that of the entire class was 71. What was the average score of the girls?

  2. A starts a business with Rs. 2500. After one month from the start of the business, B joined with Rs. 4500 and A withdrew completely after eleven months from the start of the business. If the difference between A’s and B’s respective shares in the annual profit was Rs. 4800, what was the annual profit earned?

    1. Please register for Legend Exam in and go to Register Tab. register it and attend the exam on August 22 in RACE Lab.

  3. Doubt in syllogism

    Some One’s are Two.
    All two are three
    No four is three
    Some fours are five
    No five is six
    All six are eight

    No four is eight is a possibility .

    This conclusion follows or not?

  4. Sir/Madam
    You provide 1000 data interpretation book.In this only key is there but not not having explanation . If you have any answer material for this book , kindly send me. Because I feel difficult to solve some problems. If you provide its more useful for me.

  5. SIR mene RRB officer scale 1 k form me 0 attempt ki jagah attempt 1 kar diya wo v galat RRB-1 WALA.
    Mera 2016 me pre clear nhi hua tha. Form dubara bhar sakte kya?? Plz help me. Thanq u so much in advance

  6. I have completed B.E and applied for RRB ibps. By mistake I entered degree as Science instead of choosing Others. Please tell me is there any problem.

    1. Hi Mam,
      You have to get attested copies from the Competent Authority in the proforma and show it at the time of interview.

  7. most of your online mock test in reasioning part simply put answer for that question (especially seating arrangement) …if it is solved step by step useful for every aspirants

  8. I have been selected as a Clerk in Canara Bank and now i have to submit my documents for verification. It is stated that “SC/ST/OBC candidates shall produce a Caste Certificate in original along with an attested copy issued by the Competent Authority in the proforma prescribed by the Government of India (specimen enclosed) with the correct name of the Sub Caste.

    I got my obc certificate and now they are asking me for attested copy of the same. My doubt is whether i can get attested copy from any gazatted officer or i should only get from the Competent Authority which is in the proforma??? Please read that statement mentioned before and clarify my doubt. Please

    1. Your answer lies in the question itself. Yes you have to get attested copies from the Competent Authority in the proforma. It is mandatory if these tell so.

      1. Sir my name is Durga devi in birth and school certificates and my Adhar.but in my engineering degree certificates my name is Durgadevi.during examination time is adhar valuable id? Space is consider as biggest problem?

  9. I want to apply (wanting job ) for different state but I want to write the exam from another state ( local language not proficient). Is this possible? Plz reply

  10. i have appeared in rrb office assistant exam but could not qualified prelims, so it would be counted as an attempt or not

    1. There is no attempt Limit for IBPS RRB. You can attend till 30 (age). If you are OBC then 3 years relaxation will be there,if SC 5 years relaxation will be there.

  11. Sir july months audio current affairs certains days file is not present . Can u please provide the audio files for those days.It’ll be very helpful for many people .Please do consider and do your favours:)

  12. sir, juz now am aware of our audio current affairs. really awsume.thank you so much.plz provide editorial r daily vocab as audio(tamil) manner

  13. Daily ca audio
    Raja sir ur voice is not clear.. it feels like blabbering and ur news is very short.. even i can’t understand ur language.. please make some clarity

  14. Please continue the good work of current affairs in TAMIL & BANKING AWARNESS in TAMIL.
    Its awsome really. just today got to know abt this website… Its gng to be much usefull for me 🙂

  15. hello admin …. I wish to join race coaching institute in coimbatore (tamilnadu), is its coaching is same as in chennai….? and i still not appeared for ibps exams… i want crack next year exams… which is the right time to join…. can i crack the exam? my age is 26 years and 55 days… plz answer my queries….

  16. I am applying and appearing only for IBPS RRB PO previous year (2016).
    This time I am applying for IBPS RRB office assistants(2017),In IBPS RRB office assistant 2017 application form, They asked

    have you appeared for CWE RRB earlier?

    This question indicate only the appearance in office assistant or Any post applied under IBPS RRB.

  17. How to prepare for Current affairs bcox in RACE app also u r updating daily CA then in other websites also daily they’re updating many questions that questions​ are totally different..I have a confusion in it .. could you help me which 1 to prefer ??

  18. Why aren’t you providing current affairs in English?
    Its all in tamil, think about other state people as well !

    1. Hi mam,
      We are going to provide current affairs audio in English and some of our major regional languages too.
      For a trial we are doing now. We update soon

  19. In RACE app u have conducting 10 mins test for every topics , then like 1 hour & 2 hour test is also uploaded it’s very useful but u have not uploaded the solutions for it bcox after finishing the test we can see only our marks & not the solutions..If there is a solution for the questions only we can able to study & rectify our mistakes.. Please could you post the solutions for it.. Bcox most of the students are struggling without answers.. Please if you post the solutions means it vl b very useful for all students..

      1. Please upload the solutions for daily test & 1 hour ,2 hour test..I have already​ posted my question but no reply for it.. Bcox it vl b useful for all students

  20. Sir/Mam,
    Please start the mock test for ibps RRB PO,ASSISTANT… the notification have been if there is mock tests uploaded in our online website it will be very useful to increase our speed & accuracy..atleast one prelims per day…one mains per two or three days..

  21. Hi sir,, if any topic i am going to practice after i click back its come to 1st page its very irritating.. then i am go to my last page from 1st page.. this new update like this old version not this problem.

  22. Plz post the July Weekly CA one line from JULY 8 to JULY 20.. only 1st july wkly CA one liner available in the site.

  23. If I join as office assistant through ibps , what is the bond period and bond amount? Can I quit within 3 months?
    Please answer my query. I’m need of this.

  24. The kind of DI I got on this are really tough and lengthy I’m not able to solve it quickly please provide some smart way solve those questions.
    Thanks in advance.

  25. Could you please regularly post the Hindu editorial daily.. bcox July 10 u have posted then it s missing for next 2 days, then u have posted in July 15.. please could you post it daily mam..

  26. Hi Sir, can you plz consoidate the daily banking awareness, computer awareness& static g.k and post it as weekly basis like as weekly ca one liner. It could be useful.prepare thoso topics vice versa along with wkly ca one liner.

  27. Hi Sir, plz advise when will you start the BASIC CIRCLE/RIP programs for IBPS RRB & PO.since ibps rrb exam will be held on september.. And also i advised to post the Banking Awarness,computer awareness & Static GK on weekly basis (like as weekly CA one liner). it could be very useful to prepare the legend exams. But still i didn’t get any response…

  28. I’m reading daily current affairs & Static GK ,but after 2 days I can’t recollect the previous day’s Current affairs & Static GK..Apart from this others is easy…Could u please help me how to study or keep remembering it easily??

  29. Sir ,could you please say for improving our vocabulary if v read only Hindu editorial & Vocab master from your app is enough orelse some other websites or newspaper is needed?? Please help me I have asked already but no reply from you…

    1. Hi Suba,

      This is enough , Also do read the editorials daily as it will help you to improve the speed.
      Do attend the daily tests.

      Hope this answers your questions.

  30. A 180 m long train crosses another 270 m long train running in the opposite direction in 10.8 seconds. If the shorter train crosses a pole in 12 seconds, what is the speed of longer train?
    If we have any shortcut for this sum please send sir

  31. IBPS PO STUDY PLANNER daily quiz were really very helpful for the preparation. Please update the IBPS PO STUDY PLANNER quiz. After day 22, there were no update. Please rectify.

    1. We do post the links in that section after the update of the last quiz.

      We are glad that the quiz is really helping in your daily preparations.

      Do check the daily updates too.

  32. For improving our vocabulary , only if we study Vocab master & Hindu editorial from your app that’s enough orelse we should study some other websites or newspaper?? Bcox in some website they have given only the meaning of that word not given the antonym of the word..

  33. Hi team, plz advise whether last date 01.08.2017 for IBPS RRB 2017 & 26.08.2017 for IBPS PO 2017 to apply the exam is correct or not…

  34. Put article about GST and GSTN. which is currently hot topic. and describe the good things and bad things about that. this will help for interview and g.d.

  35. Plz update the enrollment id number field instead of KVB PO/FEDERAL/CLERK ROLL NUMBER to register the june legend exam.. Could not able to register by using enrollment id…

  36. Pls post the monthly capsule for June month. It is already 10 days past. We badly need the capsule for preparation. Understand our needs.

  37. dear team please continue your the hindu editorial with vocab builder it helps us a lot to understand the articles and also help in learn vocab . you are doing a lot of work and give us the fine study material , we are thankful to you
    please give daily editorial passage with vocab and provide filler and jumble and RC quizzes on that
    Thank you

  38. Why there is no material or mock test for RBI Grade B Phase 2…Tat too come under Banking right???????

  39. When you provide mock test for KVB PO?
    and Y there is no updation of recent exams model test in online test portal.?

  40. Answers provided for some “IBPS PO study planner” section questions are wrong. Fix it, otherwise everything seems good.

      1. if u add computer awareness and banking awareness section in the ibps po study planner it would be more helpful……plssss

        1. It is already in the cards. We will also focus on those topics in the forthcoming days. Thanks

    1. We cannot spill the beans on the cut off marks. Also it will be according to the IBPS standard. So prepare accordingly. Thanks

  41. Six students Sara, Susan, Sofia, Sasha, Sharon and Sylvia are ranked from 1 to 6 in three different exams, viz, Quarterly, Half-yearly and Annual exams. No one can get same rank in more than one exam. A student who got 4th rank in Half-yearly exam got 1st rank in Annual exam. A student who got 6th rank in Quarterly exam got 2nd rank in Half-yearly exam. A student who got 3rd rank in Annual exam got 5th rank in Quarterly exam. Sofia got 4th rank in Annual exam and 1st rank in Quarterly exam while Susan got 6th rank in Half-yearly exam. Sasha did not get 1st rank in any exams while Sylvia got 3rd rank in Half-yearly exam. Sharon got 4th rank in quarterly exam but did not get 5th in Annual exam.
    sir i didnot understnd the explaination

  42. this is not relating to bank exam. why have you not included or printed pondicherry branch in the current affairs pdf. please do it. we are very happy and proud about race presents in pondy.


    Questions in the test was good but i am not able to select a answer better make a test in race online or any other better

    Please reply me soon

    1. Hi Sir,Quantitative Aptitude (35 Marks)Number Series – 5 Qns,Simplification/approximation – 5 Qns,Data Interpretation and Data Analysis – 10 Qns,Algebra – 5 Qns (may or may not be asked),Application Problems & Miscellaneous – 10 to 15 Qns,(Percentage, Time and work, Profit and Loss, Probability, Permuatation and Combination,Time and Distance, Mixture and Allegations,Simple and Compound Interest, Mensuration)
      Logical Reasoning (35 Marks)Coding Decoding (New pattern)– 5 Qns,Miscellaneous (Alphabet test, Blood Relation, Number Ranking)– 5 Qns,Direction Test – 5 Qns,New pattern Syllogism / MOT – 5Qns,Seating arrangement & Puzzle Test –15 Qns.
      English (30 Marks)Comprehension – 10 Qns,Cloze Test – 5 Qns,Spotting Errors / phrase replacement– 5 to 10 Qns,Sentence Rearrangement – 5 Qns,Double Fill ups – 5 Qns

      1. I submitted RRB assistant form, i completed Engineering. By mistake I entered Degree as Science instead of Others. Is there any problem?

  44. Hi Sir, for tnpsc & ssc how many months current affairs need to prepare. And for general science which subjects are need to focus for exam.. still one mnth only both exams plz advise…

  45. hello admin
    June 17 th current affairs is missing in daily quiz and weekly current affairs,,…pls rectify it

  46. can you please tell me.. what shoud be everyday plan to crack ibps po..? please help me.. i am writing exam for the first time…guide me please.

  47. Sir plz give English k answer ka full description dijiye…….It’s very helpful for students without description English is incomplete so plz it’s my request

  48. My degree 6th sem result only publish in October so am I eligible for IBPS,if not which exams should I need to focus on

  49. Sir Pls Provide Some Question sets (atleast 5) for KVB PO in our Race Onlinetest Website sir… it will be helpfull for us…

  50. sir,
    please post IBPS clerk questions also so that it will be helpful to us ,because IBPS clerk 2017 is going to happen in this year end

    1. It is in the cards. We will start the planner and it will available in a few weeks.
      Thanks for the suggestions.

    1. Hi sir, solutions are available after completion of each test. Please Check it. If it is not available mention the specific post name so that we can change it. Thank you

  51. Hi Sir, for tnpsc & ssc how many months current affairs need to prepare. And for general science which subjects are need to focus for exam..

  52. Respected sir / mam,
    1) If I start preparing from now onwards for bank exams from house with the help of your app it’s able to clear??
    2) You are posting online exams but when will you post answers for it??
    3) I have completed B.E, could I apply for all post in bank??

    1. Hi suba,
      For all online exams we are posting solutions. If it is not available let us know.
      You can apply for bank.
      Follow our site regularly without missing a post

  53. Pacino ,Crowe and Natalie are three people who can complete a work in 25, 10 and 20 days respectively. What is the minimum number of days required to complete the work If not more than 2 people among them work on the same day and no 2 consecutive days have the same pair of people working?


  54. I want to attend IBPS po in practice village but i register in my branch super batch
    what can i do whether it is possible to write eligible online test in my home/register place

    1. You have to write eligibility test in offline mode so you have to go to your branch to take the test.

    1. A degree (graduation) in any discipline from a University recognized by GoI, or any equivalent qualification.
      Operating and working knowledge in computer Systems is mandatory.
      Proficiency in the Official Language of the State/ UT is preferable. You should be able to read, write and speak it.

  55. sir pls post the material asap sir, we are waiting, becoz u told that u will start the planner from today onwards, but u till now doesn’t post the study material, pls post asap

  56. sir pls tell how many questions a day we have to solve as per the ibps po study planner, like how many in di,number series etc… pls clarify asap

  57. sir will u pls tell me how many questions on each topic we have to study as per the ibps po study planner, like how many di, number series have to study per day. pls clarify sir

    1. We will update the study material for each day. You will get the link in the table. So follow the course regularly so that you will get the planner .

  58. Hi team, plz add an additional frame for IBPS PO Super Batch Eligibility test under CIRCLE/RIP in simbatech. Because while register in Banking Super Batch frame, it ask the exam number.. since there is no exam IBPS PO 2017.. plz add the new frame for register ibps po super batch by using enrollment id.

  59. is there any course materials for the tnpsc group 2a exam available? any site for question banks on the syllabus for the above exam?

  60. Dear Sir

    this is raghu i am prepare for RRB Scale 2 General Banking Officer Please provide Banking and Financial Awareness Material …..

  61. Please provide the preparation schedule for IBPS PO 2017 on daily basis for all aspirants sir.
    And it also helpful for who writes the bank exam as first time .
    Please upload as soon as possible .

  62. I would give you a suggestion.
    Please change the font of the website.
    Some font in bold would be preferable like that

  63. sir what is the strategy for federal bank
    sir any q paper model
    say about digital banking portion
    whether the may and june up to 20 current affairs is enough

    1. Age is 30.
      But you may have age relaxation
      For SC/St – 5 years i.e SC/ST can apply upto 35 age
      For OBC – 3 Years

  64. Dear Sir/Mam, can u give gud planing tips for clear ibps PO 2017 from now? and also need extra guide line for crack English section ?

  65. Sir/mam,
    For document verification, they ask for cgpa to percentage conversion proof.I have conversion formula on back side of my consolidated marksheet.Is this sufficient or separate certificate to be needed??

    I have completed B.E with 62%….
    what should I select “Are you Double Degree holders with 60%?” ????
    YES or NO in check box?

    1. KVB is a private sector bank
      It is upto you to apply for a job. but anyway you will get some experience in wrtting online exams
      competition will be lower

  67. is there any vacancy like a subject matter expert(logical reasoning, general awareness etc) as a freelancer in your organization.

  68. consider B is a immediate neighbour of both a and c..b is facing north..the immediate neighbours of b faces the opposite other data is given.. is it possible to find the direction of a and c??

  69. i got obc certificate in january 2017. but now my fathers annual salary exceeds 6.5 lakh.. kindly tell me obc certificate valid for how many months?? and also for upcoming bank exams i must apply in which category??


    (1) 9 ,12, 19, 34,61,—.
    (2) 5, 5, 12, 38, 101, —-.
    (3) 16, 7 ,6 , 8, 15,—-.
    (4) 144, 160, 135,1 71, —, 186.
    (5) 4, 3, 6, 25,—, 1503.

  71. Respected Sir/Madam
    I want score more in english section. I already start to follow your articles about english section. Kindly give some youtube channel to prepare english section.(except vidya Guru bcaz lot of videos only in hindi language i can’t understand )
    Thank you

  72. Hello Sir ques regarding obc non creamy layer…
    My father is working as a elementary school teacher in tamilnadu govt aided school.. His salary is around 6.5 lac per annum. Is I eligible for obc reservation… Pls rectify my doubt sir…

  73. when a person sold two similar items one at a gain of x% and another at a gain of y% then the profit or loss%?

  74. Wat is pattern for insurance administrative officer exam and how to prepare it? Whether the portion or method for insurance and banking exam is same or different? Give some tips for preparation for insurance administrative exam……

  75. In recent SBI ATM withdrawal service charge news they spoke about two savings bank account (basic and normal) what is the difference between them.

  76. May I know the blue print for bank clerk, po and ssc exams…

    Also can u send the list of Aptitute topics on highest expected mark to minimum.

  77. I am studying the TNPSC course, can you plz post the circle materials in our login race websites on daily basis.. It could be useful who are all miss the circle and get those notes for grp2a preparation via race websites. Still now there is no materials for SSC & TNPSC(i have completed bank course now doing tnpsc & ssc but no notes for tnpsc in our individual login by using enrollment id.)

  78. Give tips to clear English section, and prefer books for recall Nd practice basic grammar rules.
    And also give tips to clear bank exam….


      Video Lectures: VIDYA GURU Institute Youtube Channel. Their videos are wonderful for Banking exam preparation. You will learn a lot from these video lectures.
      English Grammar: Guide to Grammar and Writing (High quality, reliable content on both grammatical concepts and English usage)
      English Vocab: The objective vocabulary quizzes on Dictionary and Thesaurus | Merriam-Webster will surely improve your level of vocabulary.
      Idioms & Phrases: The meanings and origins of English Phrases, Sayings and Proverbs. (Really helpful for learning idioms & phrases).

      English (Grammar): SP Bakshi or Wren & Martin.
      English (Vocab & Usage): “Word Power Made Easy” by Norman Lewis.
      Practice Papers: Kiran Prakashan.

  79. Wen ll u upload mock exam for rbi grade b phase 1 exam… And tell me about the toughness in the exam as topicwise.. And tips to clear that exam..

    1. First prepare apti, Reasoning and English sections. Then slowly revise all the basics of dbms, network and other basics. When exam.comes we start giving materials.

      1. Sir I’m completed MSc ( computer science & information technology)I’m eligible for ibps SO IT officer pls help me sir….
        Thank you

  80. When will you provide TNPSC mock questionnaire? Since group 2 is nearing it would be very helpful if its started asap.

  81. Need an advice for RBI grade b phase 2. What are the topics should i learn to clear that two paper 1) finance 2)esi. Need materials and booklist

  82. Will you give me the blue print for ibps clerk exam both preliminary and mains exam, that will be very helpful for me. Also tell me what would be required marks in each section normally, total make to be scored, to get the job for obc category.

  83. I would like to get a crisp standard for informal and formal letter writing templates…. pls post them… the old one has few confusions. As well post most important descriptive essay topic and template fr writing it.

  84. I would like to get a crisp standard for informal and formal letter writing templates…. pls post them… the old one has few confusions. As well post most important descriptive essay topic and template fr writing it.

    1. Basic numeracy, Numerical Aptitude and Data Interpretation by Nishit K Sinha
      Fast Track Objective Arithmetic by Rajesh Verma
      Quicker Maths by M. Tyra
      ShortCuts In Mathematics by Akhilesh Khare.
      Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examination -Abhijit Guha
      Analytical Reasoning Book -BSC PUBLICATION
      A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning – RS AGARWAL
      How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT

  85. Ram invests a part of rs 12000 at 12% stock at Rs.120 and remainder at 15% stock at Rs.125 If his total dividend is Rs.1360/annum.How much he invests at 12% stock at Rs.120

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