CRACK IBPS PO : Spotting Errors : Based on conjunction DAY 16

Direction: (Q. Nos 1-15): The sentence given below, have three parts, indicated by (a), (b) and (c). Read each sentence to find out whether there is an error. If you find an error in any part [(a), (b) or (c)] of a sentence, indicate your response by blackening the letter related to that part in the answer sheet provided. If a sentence has no error, indicate by blacking the part (d), which stands for ‘No error’. (Ignore the error of punctuation, if any)

  1. He has no other business (a) / but to play (b) / with computers (c) / No error (d)
  2. Be smart (a) / not only in dress (b) / and also in action (c) / No error (d)
  3. Hardly had I reached the airport (a) / where I learned about (b) / the powerful bomb explosion (c) / No error (d)
  4. My book has been missing (a) / from my room (b) / till yesterday (c) / No error (d)
  5. The manager of the bank was busy (a) / so he asked them to come and see him (b) / between two to three in the afternoon (c) / No error (d)
  6. No sooner did the sun rise (a) / when we took a hasty breakfast (b) / and resumed the journey (c) / No error (d)
  7. Because he is physically strong (a) / therefore he was selected (b) / for the school boxing team (c) / No error (d)
  8. The reason for his failure (a) / is because (b) / he did not work hard (c) / No error (d)
  9. Arjun asked him (a) / that which was the way (b) / to the post office (c) / No error (d)
  10. Unless you do not listen to his advice (a) / I am not going (b) / to help you (c) / No error (d)
  11. How do you say (a) / that neither he or Raj has qualified (b) / in the examination ? (c) / No error (d)
  12. We are not sure (a) / if he is coming (b) / to the party (c) / No error (d)
  13. Sooner than he had arrived (a) / his friends arranged a reception in his honour (b) / in the best hotel in the town (c) / No error (d)
  14. Mrs Dhaka went to Delhi (a) / because she might (b) / see Mrs Rai (c) / No error (d)
  15. He gave him no money (a) / nor he did help him (b) / in any way (c) / No error (d)

Answer Key with Explanation

  1. (b) Replace ‘but to play’ by ‘than playing’
  2. (c) Replace ‘and also’ by ‘but also’
  3. (b) Replace ‘where’ by ‘when’
  4. (c) Replace ‘till’ by ‘since’
  5. (c) Replace ‘to’ by ‘and’
  6. (b) Replace ‘when’ by ‘than’
  7. (b) Delete ‘therefore’
  8. (b) Delete ‘because’
  9. (b) Delete ‘that’
  10. (a) Delete ‘do not’
  11. (b) Replace ‘or’ by ‘nor’
  12. (b) Replace ‘if’ by ‘that’
  13. (a) The correct form is ‘as soon as he arrived’
  14. (b) Replace ‘because’ by ‘so that’
  15. (b) The correct form is ‘and also he did not help him’


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