CRACK IBPS PO : Spotting Errors Day 33

1. I am likely to contact you (a) / sometimes the next week (b) / to discuss with you in detail (c) / no error (d)

2. I am totally opposed (a) / to the statement (b) / of some of our managers (c) / no error (d)

3. He cannot withdraw all his money (a) / unless he does not give (b) / advance notice (c) / no error (d)

4. One of the problems (a) / in our business (b) / are that of disposing off the surplus (c) / no error (d)

5. Mrs. Sharma has not been able to (a) / meet her parents (b) / since one year (c) / no error (d)

6. No other quality is more important (a) / for a doctor (b) / as to be kind to his patients (c) / no error (d)

7. One of my colleagues (a) / is an expert in (b) / the homeopathic system of treating illness (c) / no error (d)

8. Nobody have carried out (a) / this kind of trick before (b) / in the history of this circus (c) / no error (d)

9. We had a lot of difficulty (a) / to find (b) / the house (c) / no error (d)

10. Patience as well as perseverance (a) / are necessary (b) / for success (c) / no error (d)

Answer Key With Explanations:

1. (b) The second part of the sentence should read ‘sometime next week’. ‘Sometimes’ means ‘now and then’; ‘sometime’ means ‘someday’.

2. (d) No error

3. (b) ‘Unless’ itself means ‘but not if ‘. So a negative like ‘does not’ cannot be hinged to it. (b) should read ‘unless he gives’.

4. (c) As we are referring to ‘one of the problems’ (singular), the singular verb (‘is’) is to be used.

5. (c) With ‘since’, it would be correct to use ‘last’ year. With ‘one year’, ‘for’ is better.

6. (c) Put ‘than’ in place of ‘as’. When we are comparing two things for their importance, etc.., ‘than’ is used.

7. (d) No error. ‘Illnesses’ may also suit the context, especially if we are talking of specific illnesses considered together. But the sentence is correct as it is.

8. (a) ‘Nobody’ requires use of ‘has’ (sing.) and not ‘have’ (pl.)

9. (b) ‘In finding’ must replace ‘to find’.

10. (b) When ‘as well as’ is used, a singular verb should be used: ‘is’ not ‘are’.

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