CRACK IBPS PO : Spotting Errors Day 37

1. As he had taken only a few sips (a) / there was still little water (b) / left in the glass (c) / no error (d)

2. Troy was taken by Greeks; (a) / this formed the basis of a story (b) / which has become famous (c) / no error (d)

3. He was fascinated by insects (a) / and the more he studied their habits (b) / greater was his fascination (c) / no error (d)

4. A nationwide survey (a) / has brought up an (b) / interesting finding (c) / regarding infant mortality rate in India (d) / no error

5. The bus could not (a) / ascend the steep hill (b) / because it was in the wrong gears (c) / no error

6. My friends insisted (a) / that I should see the movie (b) / from beginning to the end (c) / no error (d)

7. All the furnitures have been (a) / sent to the new house (b) / located in a village (c) / no error (d)

8. I go to the bed (a) / at eight (b) / every night (c) / no error (d)

9. With little patience (a) / you will be able to (b) / cross this hurdle (c) / No error (d)

10. The customer handed over (a) / a hundred rupees note (b) / to the shopkeeper (c) / No error (d)

Answer Key With Explanations:

1. (b) ‘Some’ should be used before ‘water’ in place of ‘little’. The meaning of ‘little’ is ‘practically nil’ which wouldn’t go with ‘still’ in the sentence.

2. (a) There should a ‘the’ before ‘Greeks’. When referring to a people like the Greeks, Indians, Russians and so on, ‘the’ has to be placed before the word referring to them. It would mean the people of that nation in general.

3. (c) In ‘the more….the greater’ kind of sentences, where two comparatives are used in this form, the article ‘the’ has to appear before both the comparative forms.

4. (b) ‘Brought out’ meaning ‘revealed’, is the correct expression here. ‘Brought up’ means ‘leared’

5. (c) ‘Gear’ should replace ‘gears’

6. (c) The last part of the sentence should have the article ‘the’ before ‘beginning’, that is, from the beginning to the end’.

7. (a) The noun ‘furniture’ is a mass noun that is always singular and takes no ‘s’ after it.

8. (a) Article ‘the’ should be avoided before ‘bed’ as the word is used here in the sense of ‘sleep’ or ‘rest’ and does not refer to any specific bed.

9. (a) ‘A little’ must precede ‘patience’.

10. (b) The sentence refers to ‘a’ note of hundred rupees in value. So it should be ‘a hundred rupee note’.