CRACK IBSP PO : Spotting Errors Day 32

1. When students are ill (a) / they find that they have a lot of work (b) / to catch up when they return (c) / no error (d)

2. Scarcely did I reach the airport, (a) / nervous and tense, than the plane took off, (b) / leaving me stranded in an alien place (c) / no error (d)

3. The power to (a) / distinguish between differences (b) / is the basis of science and art (c) / no error (d)

4. He ate (a) / nothing (b) / since yesterday (c) / no error (d)

5. An experimental vaccine (a) / has brought (b) / a glimmer of hope for malarial researcher (c) / no error (d)

6. After making me wait for two agonizing hours, (a) / the great man called me in (b) / and asked me what do I want (c) / no error (d)

7. The ebb and flow of the tides (a) / are (b) / now understood (c) / no error (d)

8. The green paint on the wall (a) / provides a suitable contrast (b) / with the yellow doors (c) / no error (d)

9. They never thought (a) / that Raja was oldest than other (b) / professors in the faculty (c) / no error (d)

10. Taken into consideration (a) / the advice of his colleagues, (b) / he decided to stay in the institute (c) / no error (d)

Answer Key with Explanations:

1. (c) ‘To catch up with’ is the correct expression. It means ‘to draw level with’ here.

2. (b) ‘Scarcely … when’.

3. (d) No error.

4. (a) ‘Has eaten’, the present perfect form, should be used in place of ‘ate’, which is the simple past tense of ‘eat’.

5. (c) It should be ‘research’ and not ‘researcher’ (a person).

6. (c) The last part of the sentence should read ‘and asked me what I wanted’.

7. (b) The ‘ebb’ and ‘flow’ is here referred to as one set of phenomena. So a singular verb should be used.

8. (c) ‘Contrast to’ is better usage than ‘contrast with’ here.

9. (b) When a comparison is being made, a comparative and not superlative form of the word should be used. It should be ‘older’ and not ‘oldest’.

10. (a) ‘Taking into consideration’ refers to the performance of a continuing action.

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