Q.1) The government is moving ahead with linking Aadhaar with mobile SIM cards and all unlinked phones will be deactivated after _______2018.

  1. a) January
  2. b) February
  3. c) March
  4. d) April
  5. e) May
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  1. b) February


Q.2) Which of the following is the YouTube channel launched by Hyderabad-based transwoman activist in India conceptualised and actualised by transgender individuals?

  1. a) Transwoman
  2. b) Transvision
  3. c) Transjet
  4. d) Transform
  5. e) TransIndia
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  1. b) Transvision


Q.3) How many billion USD has been given by China and Pakistan to strengthen anti-terrorism and security cooperation?

  1. a) USD 20 billion
  2. b) USD 30 billion
  3. c) USD 40 billion
  4. d) USD 50 billion
  5. e) USD 60 billion
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  1. d) USD 50 billion


Q.4) Name the women cricket player who got promoted as Officer on Special Duty (OSD) in the Western Railway after she hit a stunning 171 not out in the recent women’s cricket World Cup propelling India into the finals..

  1. a) Ekta Bisht
  2. b) Sarah Taylor
  3. c) Punam Raut
  4. d) Mithali Raj
  5. e) Harmanpreet Kaur
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  1. e) Harmanpreet Kaur


Q.5) Who was unanimously elected as Chairman of Southern India Mill’s Association (SIMA) for the year 2017-18?

  1. a) V Nataraj
  2. b) S Nataraj
  3. c) P Nataraj
  4. d) K Nataraj
  5. e) N Nataraj
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  1. c) P Nataraj


Q.6) In which of the following city United World Wrestling (UWW) allotted next year’s Junior Asian Wrestling Championship.

  1. a) Mumbai
  2. b) Kolkata
  3. c) Jaipur
  4. d) Delhi
  5. e) Chennai
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  1. d) Delhi


Q.7) Name the athletic player who won gold medal in junior & senior weightlifting championships held at Gold Coast, Australia.

  1. a) Pardeep Singh
  2. b) Sudeep Singh
  3. c) Ramandeep Singh
  4. d) Sukvirdeep Singh
  5. e) Gurdeep Singh
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  1. a) Pardeep Singh


Q.8) Name the girl Who clinched the title in the girls’ category with a round to spare in the MRF MMSC FMSCI Indian National motorcycle racing championship at the MMRT track.

  1. a) Anamika Pissay
  2. b) Anushya Pissay
  3. c) Avantika Pissay
  4. d) Aishwarya Pissay
  5. e) Anmol Pissay
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  1. d) Aishwarya Pissay


Q.9) In which of the following country Cadet World Championship 2017 held recently?

  1. a) Brazil
  2. b) China
  3. c) Netherland
  4. d) New Zealand
  5. e) Australia


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  1. c) Netherland