Q.1) How many people has been rewarded in 29th edition of radio programme under the Digi Dhan Yojana said by PM Narendra Modi?

a) 10 Lakh

b) 20 Lakh

c) 1 Lakh

d) 15 Lakh

e) 12.5 Lakh

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Q.2) As per the Supreme Court judgement banning liquor shops along the state and national highways, Chandigarh would take this ban effective from which date?

a) Dec 1st, 2017

b) March 1st, 2017

c) June 1st, 2017

d) March 31st, 2017

e) April 1st, 2017

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Q.3) What is the deadline for Linking the Aadhaar with ration cards announced by Karnataka Government?

a) June 1st, 2017

b) June 30th, 2017

c) March 1st, 2017

d) March 31st, 2017

e) April 1st, 2017

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Q.4) Which Indian Railways banned the sale of all colas drinks contain metals like cadmium and chromium in over 300 stations?

a) Southern Railways

b) Northern Railways

c) South eastern Railways

d) Western Railways

e) Eastern Railways

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Q.5) Name the aircraft which become the 2nd aircraft in India naval fleet, will be decommissioned on March 6th 2017?

a) INS Vikramatiya

b) INS Arihant

c) INS Vikrant

d) INS Vishal

e) INS Viraat

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Q.6) The latest versions of which missiles has test fired by Iran’s Navy during military exercises in the Gulf?

a) Nasir and Dehlaviyeh

b) Ashoura and Hwasong-10

c) Hwasong-10 and Qiam-1

d) Dehlaviyeh and Qiam-1

e) Ashoura and Nasir

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Q.7) European Union member states approved visa-free travel for which Country to prevent any upsurge in arrivals from the former Soviet satellite?

a) Greece

b) Ukarine

c) Gerogia

d) Belgium

e) Netherlands

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Q.8) Which Bank has introduced RFID-enabled banking cards whereby a branch/relationship manager can identify a valued client entering a branch with the card to access the client quickly without any delay?

a) Canara Bank

b) State Bank of India

c) Bank of Baroda

d) Dena Bank

e) Punjab National Bank

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Q.9) Name of the Airbus which took 161 passengers on board touched down at the Chennai International Airport from the Indira Gandhi International Airport?

a) A340 Neo

b) A320 Neo

c) A230 Leo

d) A320 Veo

e) A420 Neo

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Q.10) According to the Kaspersky Lab report which country tops in biggest source of spam?

a) United States

b) India

c) Vietnam

d) Germany

e) United Kingdom

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Q.11) Who is the author of the book ‘The People’s Maharaja’?

a) Salman Rushde

b) Kushwant Singh

c) R.K. Narayan

d) Chetan Bhagat

e) Vikram Seth

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Q.12) Gopal Baglay has been appointed as the new spokesperson to which ministry of Indian Government?

a) Foreign ministry

b) Home Affairs

c) External Affairs

d) Commerce and Trade Ministry

e) Finance Ministry

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Q.13) The three-dimensional (3D) organ-on-a-chip that can mimic which of the organ’s biomechanical properties?

a) Brain

b) Liver

c) Heart

d) Lungs

e) Kidney

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Q.14) Name the first Indian Women to get C.K. Nayudu lifetime achievement award for 2016-17 from BCCI?

a) Mithali Raj

b) Anjum Chopra

c) Purnima Rao

d) Shantha Rangaswamy

e) Shubhangi Kulkarni

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Q.15) When was the National and International Polar Bears day celebrated?

a) Jan 28th

b) Jan 26th

c) Feb 26th

d) Feb 27th

e) Feb 28th

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Q.16) What is the theme for ‘National Science Day’ celebrated on February 28, 2017?

a) “Science for Nation Building”

b) ‘Science and Technology for Specially Abled Persons’.

c) Fostering Scientific Temper’ and ‘Energy conservation’

d) Millennium Development Goal for Improving Science and Technology

e) Science and Technology In Prospering Nation’s Natural Resources

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Q.17) Who among the following shooters clinched silver medal in air pistol in the event recommended for next Olympic games?

a) Ankur Mittal

b) Jitu Rai

c) Heena Sidhu

d) Vijay Kumar

e) Gagan Narang

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Q.18) Which golf player won T-11 at Honda Classic event?

a) Anirban Lahiri

b) Adam Scott

c) Jason Day

d) Dustin Johnson

e) Rickie Fowler

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Q.19) Who won the Rio Open for eighth ATP singles title?

a) Andy Murray

b) Novak Djokovic

c) Roger Federer

d) Dominic Thiem

e) Pablo Carreno Busta

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Q.20) How many test matches so far did Virat Kohli lead India?

a) Ten

b) Twelve

c) Nine

d) Thirteen

e) Eleven

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Q.21) The number of medals won by Indians at 68th Strandja Memorial Boxing Tournament?

a) One

b) Three

c) Four

d) Five

e) Two

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Q.22) Which city will host Winter Military World Games in 2017?

a) New York, U.S

b) Sydney, Australia

c) London, U.K.

d) Frankfurt, Germany

e) Sochi, Russia

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Q.23) International player Eli Norkett, who died belonged to which of the following sport?

a) Football

b) Hockey

c) Swimming

d) Ruby

e) Tennis

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