Current Affairs Quiz : November 18, 2017

1. Which of the following state ties up with Intel’s Mobileye for the launch of automotive safety project?

a) Jharkhand

b) Odisha

c) Karnataka

d) Maharashtra

e) Andhra Pradesh

2. Namami Barak festival was celebrated in Silchar,Assam.The festivel was celebrated to pay tribute to which of the following river?

a) Belsiri

b) Barak

c) Doyang

d) Siloni

e) Kulsi


3. 12th North-East Business Summit was held at New Delhi with state partner as Manipur. Who organized the meet?

a) Energy and Commerce Committee

b) Ministry of Commerce and Industry

c) Ministry of Finance

d) Indian Chamber of Commerce

e) Ministry of Urban Development


4. The Union Cabinet approved an agreement between India and Which of the following country on Scientific and Technological Cooperation?

a) Belarus

b) Bahamas

c) Bahrain

d) Belgium

e) Bangladesh


5. Sampriti’ 17 is a defence exercise between which of the following


a) India and Indonesia

b) India and Myanmar

c) India and Austria

d) India and Maldives

e)  India and Bangladesh


6.Who is the CEO of Patanjali group?

a) Ashok Mehta

b) Sri Krishabalan

c) Subramanian Pillai

d) Kumaravel

e) Acharya Balakrishna

7. Hausala 2017 is a painting event organized in New Delhi. Which Ministry Organized the event?

a) Ministry of Human Resource and Development

b) Ministry of Women and Child Development

c) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

d) Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment

e) Ministry of Transport, Tourism and Culture

8. Who is the first Asian to be appointed as the global ambassador of World Packaging Organisation?

a) HR Shankar

b) Chakravarthi 

c) Dhanabalan

d) Dharshan

e) Sivamoorthy

9. Sergio Ramirez  author and former politician won the 2017 Cervantes Prize, the Spanish-speaking world’s highest literary honor. Sergio Ramirez belongs to which country?

a) Tuvalu

b) Nicaragua

c) Nigeria

d) Serbia

e) Paraguay

10. Geeta Phogat belongs to which game?

a) Boxing

b) Billiards

c) Football

d) Wrestling

e) Cricket

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                                                    DAILY CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ : NOVEMBER 18,2017