Daily Current Affairs Quiz : December 3, 2017

1.Konark Dance festival is celebrated in which of the following state_________________







2.What is the theme of Shared Value Summit that begins in New Delhi_________________

a)Equality and Improvement

b)Equity and Empowerment

c)Beyond All Limits

d)Building for the Future

e)Explore the Possibilities


3.CITIES of Wild Fauna and Flora gave award for putting high effort to combat Illegal Wildlife Trade to India.  Which department in India received the award_______________

a)Wildlife Crime Control Bureau

b)Wildlife Division of the Ministry

c)Wildlife Protection Bureau

d)Both a) and b)

e)None of these

4.Which bank has recently launched its RuPay Select and RuPay Platinum credit cards_______________

a)Canara Bank

b)Punjab National Bank,

c)Bank of India

d)Corporation Bank

e)Bank of Baroda

5.Salil Parekh appointed as MD & CEO of which of the following company_________________

a)Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board


c)Union Bank of India

d)Air India

e)Canara Bank

6.What is the Currency of Kenya______________






7.“Lipstick Under My Burkha” has bagged a top prize at the time Global Sustainability Film Awards 2017. Who is the director of the flim_____________

a)Prakash Jha

b)Konkona SenSharma

c)Ratna Pathak Shah

d)Alankrita Shrivastava

e)Ken Russell

8.Yahoo’s People’s Choice Award for Personality of the Year 2017 was bagged by_______________

a)Amit Shah

b)Narendra Modi

c)Sunny Leone

d)Vinod Khanna

e)PV Sindhu

9.Gulzar sahab is related to which of the following fields________________




d)Sand Artist


10.Recently, a former woman cricketer passed away. What is the name of the personality_________

a)Sreerupa Mukherjee

b)Girija Devi

c)Anjana Singh

d)Pushpa Mitra Bhargava

e)Sara Coward


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                                                        DAILY CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ : DECEMBER 3,2017