1.The seventh meeting of Eminent Persons Group (EPG) on Nepal-India relations has concluded in which city?

a) Mumbai

b) Butwal

c) Kathmandu

d) New Delhi

e) Biratnagar

2.The first Mega Food Park in the state of Maharashtra M/s Satara Mega Food Park Pvt. Ltd. at District Satara will be inaugurated by _______.

a) Sushma Swaraj

b) Harsimrat Kaur Badal

c) Venkaiah Naidu

d) Rajnath Singh

e) Ram Vilas Paswan

3.Union Textile Minister Smriti Irani attended the 27th Technological Conference of Indian Jute Industries’ Research Association on Shaping the Future of Jute in ______.

a) Kolkata

b) Jaipur

c) Mumbai

d) Bangalore

e) Hyderabad

4.The Chilika lake is located in which state?

a) West Bengal

b) Chhattisgarh

c) Odisha

d) Jharkhand

e) Andhra Pradesh

5.Who launched the ‘‘Viral Load testing for all People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV)” that will optimize the utilization of 1stline regimens, thus preventing drug resistance and ensuring the longevity of people living with HIV?

a) Preeti Sudan

b) J P Nadda

c) Subrat Sahoo

d) C K Mishra

e) Anupriya Patel

6.CMFRI has developed a multi-vendor e-commerce website “www.marinefishsales.com” and mobile app “marinefishsales” to help fish farmers and fishermen sell their catch directly to customers online. Expand CMFRI.

a) Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute

b) Central Marine Fishery Research Institute

c) Central Marine Fisheries Reform Institute

d) Central Marine Fisheries Resource Institute

e) Centre Marine Fisheries Research Institute

7.For the development of 635 stations on Indian Railways, ‘SRIJAN’ has been launched at MyGov portal. In SRIJAN, R stands for

a) Research

b) Rejuvenation

c) Resource

d) Redevelop

e) Report

8.Which of the following state government has approved a proposal to enact a law providing for capital punishment to those found guilty of sexually abusing girls aged 12 years or below?

a) Gujarat

b) Assam

c) Bihar

d) Punjab

e) Haryana

9.The apex anti-terror body National Investigation Agency (NIA) will be the nodal authority for probing cases of human trafficking. Under which act this process is empower by NIA?

a) National Investigation Act, 2008

b) National Investigation Act, 2015

c) National Investigation Act, 2014

d) National Investigation Act, 2010

e) National Investigation Act, 2009

10.Union Minister of Civil Aviation P Ashok Gajapathi Raju has inaugurated the country’s first Aviation Multi Skill Development Centre at _______.

a) Chandigarh

b) Mumbai

c) Jaipur

d) Kochi

e) Bangalore

11.The Defence Ministry has started the process to set up the country’s first Defence Industrial Corridor – ‘Quad’ or quadrilateral corridor in Tamil Nadu. Which of the following city does not connected to the Quad?

a) Salem

b) Chennai

c) Coimbatore

d) Nammakal

e) Hosur

12.The Government of India and the Union Territory of ______ has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) under the Scheme Ujwal DISCOM Assurance Yojana (UDAY), for operational turnaround of the Union Territory’s Electricity Department.

a) Andaman and Nicobar Islands

b) Chandigarh

c) Daman and Diu

d) Dadra and Nagar Haveli

e) Lakshadweep

13.According to the Moody’s Investors Service, India’s GDP growth estimated for the year 2019 is _______.

a) 7.5 per cent

b) 7.6 per cent

c) 7.25 per cent

d) 7.75 per cent

e) 8.5 per cent

14.Japan has chosen two futuristic ______ with “supernatural” powers as its mascots for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

a) Fox-like creatures

b) Cat-like creatures

c) Dog-like creatures

d) Frog-like creatures

e) Wolf-like creatures

15.Which of the following private sector bank has tied up with Celebrus Capital Ltd (Celebrus), to offer its customers online trading and demat services?

a) Federal Bank

b) Catholic Syrian Bank

c) South Indian Bank

d) Axis Bank

e) HDFC Bank

16.Name the former Supreme Court Judge Justice has passed away after a brief illness at the age of 89.

a) S Ravi Pandian

b) S Gnanavel Pandian

c) S Umesh Pandian

d) S Ratnavel Pandian

e) S Rakesh Pandian

17.Who has been appointed as next Chief Secretary of Jharkhand?

a) Sundar Tripathy

b) Sarath Tripathy

c) Sudhir Tripathy

d) Subash Tripathy

e) Sabree Tripathy

18.Retirement fund body EPFO has made it mandatory to file online claims for provident fund withdrawals above ______, taking another step towards becoming a paperless organisation.

a) Rs 15 lakh

b) Rs 20 lakh

c) Rs 10 lakh

d) Rs 25 lakh

e) Rs 50 lakh

19.Penny Vincenzi, whose stories of romance, rivalry and family secrets topped best-seller lists, has died at the age of 78. She belongs to which country?

a) British

b) USA

c) Germany

d) Russia

e) Switzerland

20.Who has been appointed as Group Chief Risk Officer of Punjab National Bank?

a) A K Pradhan

b) A K Praveen

c) A K Pradeep

d) A K Prakash

e) A K Prasanth


  1. c) Kathmandu
  2. b) Harsimrat Kaur Badal
  3. a) Kolkata
  4. c) Odisha
  5. b) J P Nadda
  6. a) Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute
  7. b) Rejuvenation
  8. e) Haryana
  9. a) National Investigation Act, 2008
  10. a) Chandigarh
  11. d) Nammakal
  12. e) Lakshadweep
  13. a) 7.5 per cent
  14. a) Fox-like creatures
  15. b) Catholic Syrian Bank
  16. d) S Ratnavel Pandian
  17. c) Sudhir Tripathy
  18. c) Rs 10 lakh
  19. a) British
  20. a) A K Pradhan

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