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Daily Current affairs is one of the most important topics to score marks in the Mains Exam of any Banking Exam. This will also act as a score booster in the Mains Exam. We are providing Current Affairs Quiz regularly in our Bankersdaily and you can also attend the Daily Current Affairs in the actual exam format which will also enhance your time. Check the Current Affairs Quiz of October 17, 2018.

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Q.1) Dodoma is the capital of which of the following country?

a) Malawi

b) Palau

c) San Marino

d) Zambia

e) Tanzania

Q.2) The Government has announced how much amount award for states that would complete the household electrification early under the Saubhagya scheme?

a) 80 crore rupee

b) 100 crore rupee

c) 150 crore rupee

d) 120 crore rupee

e) 50 crore rupee

Q.3) Which of the following city has been renamed as ‘Prayagraj’?

a) Mathura

b) Agra

c) Allahabad

d) Lucknow

e) Ahmedabad

Q.4) Who has been appointed as the MD & CEO of ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company?

a) MK Narayanan

b) Michael Hayden

c) Krishna Raj

d) Nimesh Shah

e) Surendra Mehta

Q.5) Which country has successfully launched twin BeiDou-3 navigation satellites into space to strengthen its satellite navigation network?

a) Japan

b) China

c) India

d) Iran

e) Israel

Q.6) Who has been appointed as the brand ambassador of  Nokia phones in India?

a) Amitabh Bachan

b) Alia Bhat

c) Rahul Dravid

d) Ranbir Kapoor

e) Sachin Tendulkar

Q.7) Who is the author of the book ‘Milkman’?

a) Vishnu Singh

b) H M Pernal

c) Anna Burns

d) Prem Singh

e) Manu Singh

Q.8) Who won India’s first medal in athletics at the third Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina?

a) Saurabh Chaudhary

b) Suraj Panwar

c) Anjali Bhagwat

d) Apurvi Chandela
e) Anisa Sayyed

Q.9) Name the final book by Stephen Hawking that was launched at the Science Museum in London, Britain?

a) Clarity in Sky

b) Days are Counted

c) Final Questions at Last Minute

d) Brief Answers to the Big Questions

e) None of these

Q.10) When does the International Day For The Eradication Of Poverty held?

a) October 20

b) October 21

c) October 18

d) October 19

e) October 17