(Usage styles in English – Improve Your Idiomatic Language by Mr. Gopalakrishnan)

How to be a winner at all times? Perhaps, one has to use one’s head appropriately. In due course of time one may be in the headlines. Heading towards one’s goal is a powerful idea that most likely is to make one the Head of an Institution. It is sometimes said that it is better to be the head of a rat rather than the tail of a lion. But beware! Uneasy lays the head that wears the crown! If you have your head in the clouds, then you are doomed. But if you are head and shoulder above the rest there is no need to panic.

Politicians proverbially are said to be shrewd in counting heads, especially on days of political turmoil. Sometimes a few politicians put their heads together to engage themselves in toppling games. If someone raises his head against a tide, he may be branded a traitor and possibly beheaded. But to get the result of the game they probably need the nod of head of the umpire-the competent Constitutional Head.

Pitfalls are avoided by not going over your immediate boss’ head. It is also true when your head is screwed on the right way. Heads will roll in the event of an irreversible blunder in officialdom. It is, therefore, all the more necessary not to get one’s head down while working on important assignments. And, to keep a cool head, which is an added advantage. All these tips earnestly taught by my Head Master at school. Just as the head light of a car, these have brought light in my life. Now I am able to make head or tail of anything pertaining to life. If you feel head over heels on this style of writing do comment! The vertical nod of my head for your courtesy will make headway for our eternal intellectual bond!