Homonyms of the day – 5 – Vocab builder for your carrier

Today’s word: ROUT Vs ROUTE



Meaning: A disorderly retreat of defeated troops

Example: ‘the retreat degenerated into a rout’

Synonyms: disorderly retreat, retreat, flight, headlong flight


Meaning: Defeat and cause to retreat in disorder.

Example: ‘in a matter of minutes the attackers were routed’

Synonyms: put to flight, put to rout, drive off, dispel, scatter



Meaning: A way or course taken in getting from a starting point to a destination.

Example: ‘the scenic route from Florence to Siena’

Synonyms: way, course, road, path, avenue, direction


Meaning: Send or direct along a specified course.

Example: ‘all lines of communication were routed through London’

Synonyms: direct, send, convey, dispatch, forward