Important Idioms and Phrases for Upcoming SBI PO Exam – Part 10

271. All at sea – Puzzled

272. Sought after – Wanted by many people because it’s of good quality or difficult to find/Pursued by

273. Build castle in the air – Daydreaming

274. On the spur of the moment – To act suddenly, without planning

275. To have something up one’s sleeve – To have a secret plan

276. A red letter day – An important or joyful occasion in one’s life

277. To explore every avenue – To try every opportunity

278. At one’s beck and call – Ready to follow orders/ To be dominated by someone

279. By fair or foul means – In honest or dishonest way

280. Status quo – As it is/ unchanged position

281. To burn candle at both ends – To be extravagant/ Spend without any worry

282. To hit the jackpot – To make money quickly

283. To bring to light – to reveal

284. At the eleventh hour – At the last possible moment

285. Go scot-free – To escape without punishment

286. To shed crocodile tears – To pretend grief

287. To look down one’s nose – To regard with contempt

288. To miss the bus – To miss an opportunity

289. A white elephant – Costly and troublesome possession, with much use to its owner

290. To call spade a spade – To be frank

291. To fight tooth and nail – To fight heroically, in very determined way

292. Birds of same feather – Persons of same character

293. Take exception – To object over something

294. High handed – Using authority in an unreasonable way, overbearing

295. Too fond of one’s own voice – To like talking without wanting to listen to other people/Very selfish

296. By leaps and bounds – Rapidly

297. An open book – Straight forward and honest dealings

298. Fall short – Fail to meet expectation/ have no effect

299. Heart to heart talk – Frank talk

300. Give the game away – Give out the secret(unintentionally)