Important Idioms and Phrases for Upcoming SBI PO Exam – Part 4

91. To keep under wraps – Secret

92. Die in harness – To die at one’s work

93. Fair- weather friend – A friend that deserts in difficulties

94. Emerge out of thin air – Appear Suddenly

95. Cut no ice – Had no influence

96. Brought up – Introduce for discussion

97. Cannot hold a candle to – Cannot be compared to

98. Burn one’s boat – Leave no means of return

99. Make one’s flesh creep – Horrify

100. Pros and cons – For and against/ analysis of all the given facts

101. To take into account – To consider

102. Blow over – Pass off

103. Run into – Incurred/to experience difficulties

104. Blue-eyed boys – Favorites

105. Dropping names – Hinting at high connections/To mention famous people you know or have met in order to impress others.

106. A Red letter day – An important day

107. Bone to pick – Cause of quarrel/ Bone of contention

108. At stone’s throw – Very near

109. Struck a chill to the heart – Arouse fear/to make somebody afraid

110. End in a fiasco –A Total/Utter failure

111. Fall back – To turn or move back

112. Turn up one’s nose at – To reject/despises

113. Turn one’s head – To feel proud in a way that other people find it annoying

114. High and dry – Neglected/ To leave someone helpless

115. Take for granted – To accept readily/ To pre-suppose as certainly true

116. Mince matters – To confuse issues/ to mix facts

117. Currying favour with – Ingratiating / trying too hard to get please somebody

118. Set one’s face against – Oppose strongly

119. Strom in a tea cup – Commotion (angry/worry) over a trivial matter

120. Putting one’s foot down – Asserting one’s authority/ take a firm stand