Important Phrasal Verbs part – 1


Account for – To explain

Ache for – Want something or someone a lot


Add on – Include in a calculation

Add up – To make a mathematical total

Add up to – Have a certain result


Aim at – To Target


Ask after – Enquire about someone’s health,how life is going

Ask Around – Ask a number of people for information of help

Ask for – To provoke a negative reaction

Ask in – To invite somebody into your house

Ask over – Invite

Ask around – Invite someone


Back Away – Retreat or go backwards

Back down – Retreat or withdraw your position proposol in an argument

Back off – Retreat

Back out – Fail to keep an argument or promise

Back out of – Fail to keep an agreement, arrangement

Back up – Make a copy of computer data


Bail out – Save , Rescue

Bail out on – Stop Supporting someone when they are in trouble

Bail up – Talk to someone and delay them


Bang about ( or around) – Move in a place making a lot of noise

Bang on about – Keep talking about something

Bang out – Play a musical instrument loudly

Bang up – Put someone in prison