Important Synonyms and Antonyms – Part 2 (This words taken from The Hindu Editorial Page)

S.No Word Synonym Antonym
21 Meandering Zigzag, Diffuse Succinct
22 Strained Exhausted, Forced Friendly, Natural
23 Debacle Failure, Disintegration Success, Miracle
24 Ostracize Reject, Exile Accept
25 Belittle Depreciate, Minimize Magnify
26 Beguile Attract, Dazzle, Engage Repel, Bore
27 Besiege Surround, Deluge Liberate
28 Prophylactic Deterrent, Safeguard Promote
29 Antagonistic Hostile, Aggressive Sympathetic
30 Purgative Evacuant Costive
31 Coddle Indulge, Humor Neglect
32 Huddle Gather, Squeeze Disperse
33 Flimsy Breakable, Unstable Sturdy, Thick
34 Partisan Follower, Bigoted Impartial
35 Jettison Dump, Discard Load, Retain
36 Consent Assent, Approval Dissent, Forbid
37 Ameliorate Upgrade Worsen
38 Grotesque Distorted, Whimsical Ordinary
39 Devious Dishonest, Tortuous Above Abroad, Direct
40 Obvious Evident Obscure