Important Synonyms and Antonyms – Part 3(This words taken from The Hindu Editorial Page) Word Synonym Antonym
41 Evanescent Fugitive, Transient Permanent, Unlimited
42 Imminent Forthcoming Remote
43 Pervasive Prevalent Scarce
44 Squander Misuse Manage
45 Licentious Degenerate, Lustful Virtuous
46 Delirious Euphoric Depressed
47 Corroborate Authenticate, Confirm Contradict
48 Spurious Specious, Contrived Genuine
49 Deterrent Obstacle, Damper Encouragement
50 Conceited Egotistical Modest
51 Diligent Persistent, Hard-Working Casual
52 Staunch Faithful Unreliable
53 Feeble Helpless, Faint-Hearted Strong
54 Faint Vague, Doubtful Clear, Loud
55 Desperate Determined, Violent Composed
56 Benevolent Kind-Hearted Tight-Fisted, Unkind
57 Embrace Hold Reject
58 Meek Humble, Frightened Impatient, Assertive
59 Benign Friendly, Thoughtful Hostile, Harsh
60 Fragrant Scented, Perfumed