Last Minute Tips for the IBPS RRB Scale I Officer Mains Examination 2017

Dear Bankersdaily Aspirant,

The exams are fast approaching and here is one such exam tomorrow which is of utmost importance to all the aspirants. So all your preparations and hard work and every strategy of yours will be tested tomorrow and you would be totally prepared for the exam by now.

Tomorrow is going to be the ultimate battlefield where all your skills and performances in the tests will be tested and you have to clear in everything because this is the ultimate test and you have to win it at any cost(Yes, Your dream is highly valuable). Last minute preparations and last minute hassles both needs to be avoided at any cost. Also you would wondering whether the pouring rain will stop and pave way for the exams tomorrow. Lot of interactions between the different things and minds will wander about the time for the exams, it’s time for the exams and we hope you have prepared for the IBPS RRB Scale I Officer in a great way and we wish all candidates who are appearing for the exam, It’s your time to achieve the dream of your lifetime, go fight your own battle and win it.

Before that we just wish to give you some last minute tips which will be handy for the IBPS RRB Mains Scale I Officer Examination 2017. So grab these things along and this could help you in tomorrow’s examination.

EXAM PATTERN OF THE IBPS RRB SCALE I OFFICER MAINS EXAMINATION 2017 Name of tests No of questions Maximum Marks Total Time
1. Reasoning 40 50  


Composite Time of 2 hours

2. Numerical Ability 40 50 
3. General Awareness 40 40 
4 a English Language 40 40
4 b Hindi Language 40 40
5 Computer Knowledge 40 20 
Total 200 200

Last Minute Tips fr the IBPS RRB Scale I Officer Mains Examination 2017


Stick to you Timing

Even though you are string in certain section and certain topics, you cannot have the freedom of overdoing a section. So stick to the prescribed time slots you have specified for each section , Since you have to complete 200 Questions in 120 minutes, it is really difficult if you get stranded in a section and you have to then be more faster in solving the other sections. So to avoid those hazzles stick to your timings.

Accuracy is important along with Timing

Sticking to the prescribed time gives you enough space to do almost all the problems(if your strategy is like that). Also accuracy matters a lot and always remember you have to excel in all the sections in the IBPS RRB Scale I Officer because individual cutoff marks are there and so you cannot leave that un turned and also attend the questions which you are 100 % confident and if you are not sure of any questions don’t hesitate to leave that because scoring maximum is very important as that of scoring accurately.

Don’t Hesitate to Switch over

You have the liberty of going to any section you want and you would have by now have concluded a strategy to write the exam. Make sure that you answer accurately and also if by any chance you got struck in a question, always you can come back to that question and immediately leave that one and choose the other ones because time is more precious in the exams. Also note that you can comeback to the questions any time and also at a later time.

Be Selective in the Questions

Be choosy and pick the questions which are easier to solve and confident. Choosing the difficult questions will land you in trouble and so never choose the question which are time consuming and difficult. Along these you would have been familiar in choosing the questions, that will be very helpful to you in  determining the level of questions. If you choose the questions which are easier, it will be better that the remaining time can be utilized for the other sections.

Never Limit Yourselves

Always never limit yourselves that you can do only a prescribed number of questions. Also if the questions are really tough, be confident that it is going to be tough for the other candidates too. So don’t do the grave mistake of marking all the answers because your accuracy will almost fail at that particular time( Not every time, everything will be correct). Don’t assume anything until you are 100 percentage confident.

Apart from this Download your hall ticket and make photocopies of your valid proofs. Because you may not find the required things at the last time and at the last minute. So hurry up now. Have a good sleep because you gonna do a lot of calculations and answer a lot of mind twisting questions, so a good sleep is required for you to do well in the exam. Be calm and composed because it’s your exam. TEAM BANKERSDAILY wish all the candidates for their IBPS RRB Scale I Officer Mains Examination 2017.