Perks of being an IBPS RRB Officer – Salary,Emoluments, Allowances and Career Progression

There are many exams being conducted for the posts of probationary officers and the clerical positions and Specialist officers. Apart from the SBI and IBPS probationary officers exams, the next most anticipated exams will be the IBPS RRB officers and the IBPS RRB assistants exams.

In this post , we will discuss the perks of being an IBPS RRB Officer which ranges in Scale I , Scale II and Scale III.

The IBPS RRB Officer exams is conducted before the IBPS PO exams and when compared , the latter becomes everyone’s priority due to it’s banks and the emoluments , they get and the career progression and many are still not aware of the RRB career progression. RRB Officer grade is not less to IBPS PO and the emoluments vary in a slightest way. Other than that it’s upto a candidate to choose the post after their exams.

Role of an IBPS RRB Officer :

  • The RRB officers will be responsible for overseeing the activities of the assistants and assisting the customers with the prospects of the transaction and it’s activities.
  • They validate the withdrawals , deposits and the inflow and outflow of the cash from the branch and authorize and generate reports to the higher officials.
  • Clearance of cheques , DD’s , etc. They are the decision makers and they will make the final decision on the loan allocations. ‘
  • They are responsible for briefing of the important schemes of the bank to the customers in detail and help in to know the nuances of the schemes better to others.

Emoluments of IBPS RRB Officer :

The basic salary is Rs.23,700. The dearness allowances and the housing rent allowances will be getting added to the basic salary which forms the total salary for an IBPS RRB Officer.

So the total salary for an officer who is starting a career will receive Rs.36,000. This amount is an approximated amount which is given along with the Dearness allowances and the housing rent allowance. The housing rent allowance amy be changing for every other employee , according to the area they are based on. It will be increased yearly based on the performance.

Career progression of an IBPS RRB Officer :

  • A candidate starting his career as a Scale I officer will become a Scale II and Scale III officer with gaining experience in each position. There is a probation period when you join as a RRB officer and after that you will be getting posted as a RRB PO officer Scale I manager in a rural branch. As you are aware the main motive of this bank is to cater the rural sides of the state and most of the Rural Banks are owned by the Public Sector Banks.
  • So the higher posts in these banks will be getting filled by the senior officials from the parent PSB’s in certain cases , but not always. One can move to other PSB’s also by writing CAIIB /JAIIB to explore other career opportunities.
  • There are other gains in working in a RRB , An officer can be even posted to their own hometown and also the work will be less when compared to other PSB’s. The work Life balance will be good, Since there is no much work pressure and it involves lesser number of people.
  • The career progression is less when compared to other PSB’s and it is not limited to that alone. A candidate joining as a RRB Officer in their hometown will prefer to work in it. The expenses incurred to an IBPS RRB Officer will be less when compared to those who work in other PSB’s.
  • After all the passion to work in a government sector bank is the only motive for a candidate who is attending these exams , so the satisfaction which comes after this is immense and extraordinary.
  • So this will be an equally paying post , So why a leave a better chance when you have a bright spot of achieving greater heights through it. So start preparing from now on , as the exam is slated to happen in the first week of September. We hope this would have cleared all your doubts regarding the IBPS RRB.

If you still have any doubts don’t hesitate to post in the comments section.