Puzzle Test For SBI PO : Set – 07

D 1 – 5) Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

Seven people N, K, T, B, M, W and R have their weekly offs on different days of the week, ie Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, not necessarily in that order. Each of them has a liking for different cuisine, ie Indian, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Spanish, Continental and Thai, not necessarily in that order. K likes Thai food and gets his weekly off on Thursday. B likes Italian food and does not have off on Sunday. M has weekly off on Saturday and R has his weekly off on Tuesday. W likes continental food whereas the one who has weekly off on Monday likes Mexican cuisine. T does not like Spanish cuisine and has weekly off on Wednesday. The one who likes Indian food does not have a weekly off on Tuesday or Wednesday.

1 ) Who has a weekly off on Friday?

a) T

b) R

c) W

d) Data inadequate

e) None of these

2 ) What cuisine does R like?

a) Continental

b) Indian

c) Italian

d) Spanish

e) None of these

3 ) On which day does N have weekly off?

a) Tuesday

b) Friday

c) Monday

d) Sunday

e) None of these

4) Who likes Chinese cuisine?

a) T

b) B

c) R

d) N

e) None of these

5) On which day does W have weekly off?

a) Monday

b) Sunday

c) Wednesday

d) Data inadequate


Answer :

Person Food Day
K Thai Thursday
B Italian Friday
M Indian Saturday
R Spanish Tuesday
W Continental Sunday
N Mexican Monday
T Chinese Wednesday


1 e
2 d
3 c
4 a
5 b

D 6 – 10) Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.

Seven students P, Q, R, S, T, U and V studied in colleges A, B and C and are currently in different professions, namely Medicines, Fashion Designing, Engineering, Business, Acting, Teaching and Architecture (not necessarily in the same order) At least two not more than three students had studied in the same college.

R is an architect and studied in college B. T is not a businessman. Only V amongst the seven students studied in college A along with T. U is an engineer and did not study in college B. Q is an actor and did not study in the same college as U. P did not study in college C. Those who studied in college A are neither Fashion Designers nor teachers. None of those who studied in college B is a teacher.

6. Who amongst the following have studied in college C?

a) Q, P

b) R, U

c) Q, S, U

d) P, S

e) S, U

7.Which of the following groups represents the students of college B?

a) R, T, G

b) P, R, S

c) P, Q, R

d) S, Q, R

e) None of these

8. What is the profession of U?

a) Engineering

b) Business

c) Medicines

d) Acting

e) None of these

9.Which of the following combinations of person, college and profession is definitely correct?

a) T – A – Fashion Designing

b) U – A– Engineering

c) P – B – Businessman

d) S – C– Teaching

e) None of these

10. Who amongst the following is a teacher?

a) P

b) S

c) T

d) V

Answer :

6 e
7 c
8 a
9 d
10 b