Questions asked in IDBI PO Exam

What is the Full form of BBPS – Bharat Bill Payment System

What is Percentage stake of Central government in Regional Rural Bank – 50%

Lime App Launched by which of the following Bank – Axis bank

Antonio costa is prime minster of which country – Portugal

Where is HQ south Indian bank located – Thrissur City, Kerala

HQ of Karnataka bank is located where – Manglore

What is the full form of IMPS – Immediate Payment Service

What is the full form of IFSC – Indian Financial System Code

Full form of “D” in USSD – Unstructured Supplementary Service Data

In IAEA what is “A” Stands for – International Atomic Energy Agency

AIPB Stands for – Accelerated Irrigation Benefits Programme

Digidhan Mela launched in which of the following state – Haryana, Gurugram

which day is celebrated on 28th february – National Science Day

Which of the following is 24×7 fund transfer facility – IMPS

RBI launches which portal to collect illegal money – Sachet

What is the Range of loan in StartUp India – 10 Lakh to 100 Lakh.

Which country will be hosting the U-17 FIFA world cup 2017 – India

Minimum age for bank account opening – 10 years

BABUR Version 2 Missile is launched by which country – Pakistan

Arogya Raksha Scheme launched in which state – Andhra Pradesh

Prafulla haldanka is associated with which of the following sport- Table Tennis

Tamor Pingla Wildlife Sanctuary is located in which state of India – Chhattisgarh, Surajpur District

India’s first International exchange BSE INDIAINX inaugurated in which state – Gujrat, Gandhinagar

Where is the Headquarter of J.P Morgan Chase Bank located – New York, USA

United Nations has declared year 2017 as the – International Year of Sustainable

Shreyas Mehta is related to which of the following sport – Squash

Kaalidas Samman award given annually by Madhya Pradesh government in which of the following field – Classical Dance, Music and Arts

UDAAN Scheme for Skill development launched in which state – Jammu and Kashmir

No transactions in the bank account for over a period of two years known as – Inoperative Account

Tarun, kishore and shishu loan schemes comes under which of the following – PMMY ( PM Mudra Yojna )

Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan recently died related to which of the field – Sitar player

SMERA is a credit rating agency for which of the following organisation – MSME

Who is headed the Committee to curb illegal money and restricting cash holding not more than Rs 15 lakh – M.B Shah

The Non–Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit 2016 was held in which country – Venezuela

According to Census 2011, What percent of the Indian Rural population is Female – 48%

INS Khanderi Scorpene class submarine launched at the Mazagon dock in which city – Mumbai.