Review, Analysis and Questions asked in SBI PO Prelims on April 29 – Slot 2(11.30 am to 12.30 pm)

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Puzzle test questions asked in SBI PO Prelims slot 2 (courtesy: Ms. Kavya)

1. 8 persons M,N,O,P ,Q,R,S,W have their birthdays on 10th and 27th of four different months i.e March,April,May,June not necessarily in the same order.M has birthday on 10th of a month which is having 31 days.Only one person has birthday before N.Number of persons between M and N is one less than the number of persons between N and W. O and P were held in same month having 30 days , but not in April. R has birthday after S. Only three persons have birthday between N and Q.O was held before P. 
2.  Ram, Manoj, Shiva, Aman, Rajeev, Vijay, Ravi and Rakesh are eight employees of an enterprise and they will attend a seminar in the four months (May, June, August & September). The seminar held in each month on 8th and 20th date. Only two seminars held in a month. None of the person can attend the seminar after Shiva. Aman does not attend the seminar in the month of 31 days. Rajeev and Ravi attends seminar after Aman on date 20th of different months, while Ram & Manoj attend the seminar before Aman and Manoj attends after Ram in the same month. Rakesh does not attend the seminar in the month in which either Rajeev attends or Shiva attends.

Questions asked in Aptitude:

Approximation questions – 5

Number Series – 5

Questions asked in Number Series

Quadratic Equations – 5

Application Sums – 10 (From Time and Work, Partnership,Average, Profit and Loss, Boats and Streams, SI )

DI (Line and Table) – 10

Level of Questions – Moderate

Good Attempts- 20 to 25

Questions asked in English:

Cloze Test like word substitution based on New Pattern-  10 questions

Comprehension based on Internet Technology and Computer – 10 questions

Synonyms and Antonyms – 2 to 3 questions

Phrase replacement based Spotting Error – 10 questions

Level of Questions- Easy to Moderate

Good Attempts – 11 to 16

Questions asked in Logical Reasoning:

Puzzle Test – 4 set  – 20 questions

(i) 8 persons with Ages – 5 questions

(ii) 6 persons based puzzle – 5 questions

(iii) Ranking based puzzle

MOT – 5 questions

Misc – Ranking – 1, Blood Relation – 1, Direction Test – 2 , Coding and Decoding – 1 –  over all 5 questions

Level of Questions- Moderate (Time Consuming in Puzzle)

Good Attempts- 12 to 18

Over all Good Attempts: 60

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