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SBI Clerk Prelims 2018, will be going to held on March/April (Tentatively) 2018 as per SBI Clerk Notification. This Exam is going to be one of the toughest exam of the year 2018. Because SBI will be the game changer for all the upcoming bank exams. As per as the new pattern is concerned there will be sectional timing for three section in 1 hour. So as per the latest pattern each section is allotted with the sectional timing of 20 minutes.


Preliminary Examination:Phase I

Phase-I : Preliminary Examination: Preliminary Examination (online) consisting of Objective Tests for 100 marks will be conducted online. This test would be of 1 hour duration consisting of 3 Sections as follows:

SL. Name of test No. of Questions Marks Duration
1. English Language 30 30 20 Minutes
2. Numerical Ability 35 35 20 Minutes
3. Reasoning Ability 35 35 20 Minutes
Total 100 100 1 Hour

So start your preparation now with this study Planner for SBI Clerk Prelims 2018. It’s a 30+ days complete planner with various Aptitude, Reasoning, English, topics Included.

Though the exam is getting tougher and tougher for each and every Year, Only consistently hard working candidates will crack the exam. So be a continuous hard worker and grab the opportunity to achieve your success.

SBI Clerk Prelims 2018 Study Planner Day-3

Reasoning-Number Ranking-1

Time: 20 Minutes

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Q.1) Gopal ranks sixteenth from the top and eighteenth from the bottom. How many students are there in a class?

a) 31

b) 32

c) 33

d) 34

e) None of these

Q.2) Five-person A, B, C, D and E are standing in a line according to their heights. C is taller than D and E. B is shorter than only one person. Then who is the tallest person standing in a line?

a) A

b) C

c) D

d) Cannot be determined

e) None of these

Q.3) In a class of 50 students, Jayanthi ranks thirteenth from the top, then what is her rank from the bottom?

a) 37

b) 38

c) 36

d) Cannot be determined

e) None of these

Q.4) In a row, Mani is 15th from the left end and Rajiv is 9th from the right end. What is Rajiv’s rank from the left end of the row, if there are 4 students’ sits between Mani and Rajiv?

a) 19

b) 28

c) Cannot be determined

d) 27

e) None of these

Q.5) In a row of 35 boys, Karthi is fourth to the right of Kunal. If Kunal is 19th from the right end, then what is Karthi’s position from the left end?

a) 21

b) 20

c) 26

d) Data inadequate

e) None of these

Q.6) In a class of 90 Students, Stephen is 15th from the top. What is his rank from the bottom?

a) 75

b) 74

c) 76

d) 77

e) None of these

Q.7) In a row, Jeeva is 13th from the left end and Rajan is 20th from the right end. If they interchange their place, Rajan becomes 37th from the right end. Then what is Jeeva’s position from the left end?

a) 29

b) 30

c) 28

d) Data inadequate

e) None of these

Q.8) In a column, A’s rank is42nd from bottom while B’s rank is18th from the top. C is in the middle of them. If there are 12 persons in front of C, what is his rank from behind?

a) 39

b) 36

c) 35

d) 37

e) None of these

Q.9) In a row of People, Rathna is 16th from the left end. Rathna is 9th to the left of Amrinder, who is 4th to the right of Mahendran, who is 24th from the right end. Then, how many people are there in a row?

a) 43

b) 42

c) 20

d) 44

e) None of these

Q.10) Naveen is 10th from the top. There were twice as many behind him as there were in front. How many students are there between Naveen and the third student from the bottom of the column?

a) 12

b) 13

c) 14

d) Cannot be determined

e) None of these

Q.11) Studentsare standing in a single line in the class, Onegirl is standing27th position from the both ends, How many students are there in the class?

a) 48

b) 53

c) 36

d) Can’t be determined

e) None of these

Q.12) In a row of girls facing north, Jami is fourteenth to the right of Lucas, who is twenty first from the left end. Jami is sixth from the right end then how many girls are there in the row?

a) 40

b) 35

c) 43

d) 45

e) None of these

Q.13) Ina row of thirty-three students, G is eighteenth from the right end and there are eleven students between H and G. what is the position of H from the left end of the row?

a) 4th

b) 12th

c) 28th

d) Either 28th or 4th

e) Can’t be determined

Q.14) In a group of 40 boys, Kabilan is 18thfrom the left end and Nallan is 13thfrom the right end. If Sahana is placed exactly between them then what is his position from right end?

a) 28th

b) 21st

c) 18th

d) Can’t be determined

e) None of these

 D.15):Read the following information carefully and answer the given question.

In a class, a boy Aswin’s rank is 9th from the top and a girl Mega’s rank is 14th from the top. Among girls,Mega’s rank is 8rd from the top and 11th from the bottom.Among boys,Aswin’s rank is 4th from the top and 17thfrom the bottom.

Q.15) What is the total number of students in that class?

a) 30

b) 32


d) 36

e) 38

 D.16-18):Study the following information and answer the given question.

Among five persons Damini, Gautam, Hallan, Maaria and Pankaj are having different heights. Hallan is taller than Damini but shorter than Maaria. Gautam is shorter than only Pankaj. The second shortest person’s height is 148 cm and the second highest person’s height is 175 cm.

Q.16) Who among the following is the shortest?

a) Hallan

b) Damini

c) Pankaj

d) Gautam

e) None of these

Q.17) Who among the following person’s height may be 165 cm?

a) Pankaj

b) Damini

c) Maaria

d) Can’t be determined

e) None of these

Q.18) What could be the height of Pankaj?

a) 142 cm

b) 155 cm

c) 171 cm

d) 174 cm

e) None of these

 D.19-20):Study the following information and answer the given question.

Balaji is 24th from the right end and 6thfrom the right of Carli. Faizal is 43rd to the right of Lalita, who is seventh from the left end.

Q.19) What will be the total strength, if Faizal is eighteen to the right of Carli?

a) 61

b) 58

c) 45

d) 73

e) None of these

Q.20) What is the position of Carli from the left end, if Faizal is exactly in the middle of Balaji and Lalita?

a) 34

b) 46

c) 53

d) 72

e) 87


Q.1) (c)

Q.2) (d)

A > B > C > D/E


Q.3) (b)

Q.4) (c)

Q.5) (a)

35 – 15 + 1 = 21


Q.6) (c)

90 – 15 + 1 = 76 from the bottom


Q.7) (b)

Q.8) (d)

Q.9) (d)

Q.10) (e)

18 + 10 = 28 => total number of boys

Naveen and third boy from the end of the column => 25 – 10 = 15


Q.11) (b)

So, 26 + 1 + 26 = 53


Q.12) (a)


So, 21 + 14 + 5 = 40


Q.13) (d)


= 33 – (18 + 11)

= 33 – 29 = 4


= 4 + 11 + 1 + 12

= 28

Here the position of H is either 4th or 28th from the left end.


Q.14) (c)


Q.15) (e)

Total students = Total girls + total boys

= 18 + 20

= 38


Q.16) (b)

Q.17) (c)

Q.18) (e)


Q.19) (b)

= 50 + 12 = 62

Q.20) (e)

= 7 + 42 + 1 + 42 – 5

= 50 + 42 – 5

= 92 – 5

= 87

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