Seating Arrangement For SBI PO : Set –  15

1-5) Study the following information and answer the questions.

J, K, L, M, N, O, P and Q are sitting around a circular area at equal

distances between each other, but not necessarily in the sameorder. Some of the people are facing the centre while some faceoutside (i. e. in a direction opposite to the centre)

Note – Facing the same direction means if one faces the centrethen the other also faces the centre and vice­versa. O sits second to the left of M. M faces the centre, K sits to theimmediate left of O. Only three people sit between K and J. P sitsthird to the left of J. L sits to the immediate left of N. Immediateneighbours of K face opposite ( i. e. , if one neighbour faces outsideand vice­versa) N sits third to the right of K. Both N and L faceopposite directions. Q faces the same direction as K.

1) How many people in the given arrangement face the centre?

a) Three

b) Two

c) Four

d) Five

e) One

2) What is K’s position with respect to N?

a) Second to the left

b) immediate left

c) Immediate right

d) Third to the left

e) Third to the right

3) Who sits second to the left of J?

a) K

b) L

c) M

d) P

e) Q

4) Four of the following five are alike based on the given seatingarrangement and so form a group. Which is the one that does notbelong to that group?

a) P

b) J

c) Q

d) K

e) L

5) Who sits exactly between O and P, when counted from the left ofO?

a) Q

b) K

c) L

d) M

e) N




1 a
2 d
3 b
4 e
5 b

6 -10) Study the following information and answer the questions.

1) Who is eating Papaya?

a) R

b) Q

c) W


e) None of these

2) Who is three are facing centre?

a) R, V, P

b) S, V, R

c) P, S, U

d) T, Q, W

e) None of these

3) Who is sitting between the one who is eating watermelon and the one who is eating orange?

a) V and P

b) R and P

c) Banana and Papaya

d) Pears and Apples

e) Both B and C

4) Who is eating grapes?

a) W

b) R

c) U

d) Q

e) T

5) Who is sitting 3rd to right of the one who is eating Pears?

a) V

b) R

c) P

d) V or R

e) None of these.



6 d
7 a
8 e
9 a
10 a