Spotting Errors : Based on Pronouns – Set 4

Direction: (Q. Nos 1-20): The sentence given below, have three parts, indicated by (a), (b) and (c). Read each sentence to find out whether there is an error. If you find an error in any part [(a), (b) or (c)] of a sentence, indicate your response by blackening the letter related to that part in the answer sheet provided. If a sentence has no error, indicate this by blacking the part (d), which stands for ‘No error’. (Ignore the error of punctuation, if any)

  1. Those sort of people (a) / usually do not (b) / earn fame in society (c) / No error (d)
  2. Being a very (a) / hot day I (b) / remained indoors (c) / No error (d)
  3. Had I come (a) / to know about his difficulties (b) / I would have certainly helped (c) / No error (d)
  4. One of them (a) / forgot to take their bag (b) / from the school (c) / No error (d).
  5. Mr. Sharma, our representative (a) / he will attend the meeting (b) / on our behalf (c) / No error (e)
  6. If the teacher is good (a) / the students will respond (b) / positively to them (c) / No error (d)
  7. It is not difficult to believe that a man (a) / who has lived in this city for a long time (b) / he will never feel at home anywhere else in the world (c) / No error (d)
  8. Each girl was (a) / given a bunch of flowers (b) / which pleased her very much (c) / No error (d)
  9. As it was Rajan’s (a) / first interview he dressed him (b) / in his most formal suit (c) / No error (d)
  10. Myself and Gopalan (a) / will take care of (b) / the function on Sunday (c) / No error (d)
  11. Civil servants should (a) / acquit efficiently (b) / in the service of a common man (c) / No error (d)
  12. Avail every chance that comes your way (a) / lest you should (b) / repent in the long run (c) / No error (d)
  13. There should be (a) / no misunderstanding between (b) / your father and she (c) / No error (d)
  14. Let Raj and she (a) / complete this job (b) / as they like to do it (c) / No error (d)
  15. It was with great difficulty (a) / that each of the brothers (b) / could get their share of property (c) / No error (d)
  16. They that run (a) / after fame and money (b) / are likely to be disappointed (c) / No error (d)
  17. Both he as well as I (a) / are going to Delhi (b) / tomorrow to buy new motorbyke (c) / No error (d)
  18. It is only one of her novels (a) / that have been published (b) / till date (c) / No error (d)
  19. Neither of the two brothers (a) / has got their money back (b) / from the agency (c) / No error (d)
  20. You and I (a) / are expected to do your duty (b) / in the interest of the students (c) / No error (d)

Answer Key with Explanation

  1. (a) Replace ‘sort’ by ‘sorts’
  2. (a) Add ‘it’ before ‘being’
  3. (c) Add ‘him’ after ‘helped’
  4. (b) Replace ‘their ‘ by ‘his’
  5. (b) Delete ‘he’
  6. (c) Replace ‘them’ by ‘him’
  7. (c) Delete ‘he’
  8. (c) Replace ‘her’ by ‘them’
  9. (b) Replace ‘him’ by ‘himself’
  10. (a) Replace ‘myself’ by ‘I’
  11. (b) Add ‘themselves’ after ‘acquit’
  12. (a) Replace ‘avail’ by ‘avail yourself of’
  13. (c) Replace ‘she’ by ‘her’
  14. (a) Replace ‘she’ by ‘her’
  15. (c) Replace ‘their’ by ‘his’
  16. (a) Replace ‘they’ by ‘those’
  17. (a) Replace ‘as well as’ by ‘and’
  18. (b) Replace ‘have’ by ‘has’
  19. (b) Replace ‘their’ by ‘his’
  20. (b) Replace ‘your’ by ‘our’

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