Static GK : List of Important food festival and countries where its celebrated

S.No Festival Country
1. Potato Festival Sweden
2. Chocolate Festival London UK
3. Tomato Festival Spain
4. Onion Eating Festival Spain
5. Orange Warsaw Festival Poland
6. Vegetarian Festival Thailand
7. Watermelon Festival Australia
8. Baltic Herring Festival Helsinki Finland
9. Food & Wine Festival Melbourne Australia
10. International Mango Festival New Delhi India
11. Street Food Festival San Francisco USA
12. Pancake Festival Moscow Russia
13. Maine Lobster Festival Rockland USA
14. Mistura Food Festival Lima Peru
15. Alba White Truffle Festival Alba Italy
16. Monkey Buffet Festival Thailand
17. Oktoberfest Munich Germany
18. Grape Throwing


Mallorca Spain


Famous Revolutions in India & World

Black Revolution Petroleum Production
Blue Revolution Fish Production
Brown Revolution Leather/non conventional (India)/Cocoa production
Golden Fiber Revolution Jute Production
Golden Revolution Fruits/Overall Horticulture development/Honey Production
Green Revolution Food grains
Grey Revolution Fertilizer
Pink Revolution Onion production/Pharmaceutical (India)/Prawn production
Red Revolution Meat and Tomato Production
Round Revolution Potato
Silver Fiber Revolution Cotton
Silver Revolution Egg/Poultry Production
White Revolution Milk/Dairy production
Yellow Revolution Oil Seeds production
Evergreen Revolution Overall development of Agriculture.


Exercises with Foreign Neighbours

  • LAMITYE 2016 – India & Seychelles joint military exercise
  • Surya Kiran IX – India-Nepal Military Exercise
  • ‘Shakti-2016′ – Indo-French military exercise
  • “Sahayog – Kaijin 2016” – India & Japan joint Coast Guard Exercise
  • Joint Naval Exercise SLINEX 2015 – India & Sri Lanka
  • Indra – Indo-Russia bilateral naval exercise
  • Malabar Exercise 2015 – India, US & Japan.
  • Mitra Shakti 2015 – India – Sri Lanka
  • Hand in Hand – India & China
  • EKUVERIN 2015 – India – Maldives
  • AUSINDEX-15 – India – Australia (Bilateral Maritime Ex.)
  • Indradhanush – India – UK (Bilateral Air Ex.)
  • Varuna Exercise 2015 – India – France Naval Exercise.
  • Surya Kiran VIII – Indo- Nepal joint military exercise.
  • HADR Exercise – Indian Navy conducted a large scale Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) exercise in the Lakshadweep Islands (Karavati, Aggatti, Kalpeni and Androth).
  • Shaheen (Eagle)-4 – China and its strategic partner Pakistan have launched a joint air exercise called Shaheen (Eagle)-4 in China.
  • IBSAMAR 2016 – Brazil, India and South Africa
  • LINEX – India and Sri Lanka