Static GK: Miscellaneous GK – List of Sobriquets (India & World)

Sobriquets Places
City of Golden Gate San Francisco
City of Golden Temple Amritsar
City of the Dreaming Spires Oxford, UK
City of Magnificient Distances Washington
City of Seven-Hills Eternal City Rome, Italy
Cockpit of Europe Belgium
Dark Continent Africa
Emerald Island Ireland
Empire City / City of Skyscrapers New York
Garden of England Kent, England
Gate of Tears Bal-el-Mandab
Gateway of India Mumbai
Gift of the Nile Egypt
Granite City Aberdeen, Scotland
Great White Way Broadway, New York
Herring Pond Atlantic Ocean
Hermit Kingdom North Korea
Island of Cloves Zanzibar
Key to the Mediterranean Gibraltar
Land of Cakes Scotland
Land of Golden Pagoda Mayanmar (Burma)
Land of the Lillies / Land of Maple Canada
Land of Morning Calm South Korea
Queen of the Arabian Sea Kochi, India
 Queen of the Adriatic Venice, Italy
Roof of the World Pamirs
Sick Man of Europe Turkey
Sorrow of China Yellow River Hwang Ho
Sugar Bowl of the World Cuba
Venice of the East Alappuzha
Venice of the North Stockholm, Sweden
World’s Breadbasket Prairies of N. America
Battle Field of Europe Belgium
City of Palaces Mexico
City of Popes Rome
World’s Loneliest Island Tristan da Cunha
City of Arabian Nights Bhagdad
Forbidden City Lhasa (Tibet)
The Isle of Spring Jamaica
Workshop of Europe Belgium
Island Continent Australia
Dairy of Northern Europe Denmark
Dark Continent Africa
Cockpit of Europe Belgium
Saw Mill of Europe Sweden
Gateway of Europe Rotterdam
Sick man of Asia Phillipines
Land of Golden Pagoda Myanmar
Rainbow Nation South Africa
Eighth Continentent Madagascar
Perfumed islands Comors
Heart of Africa Burundi
Africa of Minimature Cameron
Horn of Africa Somalia
The country that Never Sleeps Spain
Britain of the South New Zealand
Playground of Europe Switzerland
Pink City Jaipur
Pillar of Hercules Gibraltar
Pearl of the Antilles Cuba
Land of Golden Fleece Australia
Land of the Long White Cloud New Zealand
Land of Midnight Sun Norway
Land of Thunderbolt Bhutan
Land of Rising Sun Japan
Land of white elephants Thailand
Land of the Eskimos Green Land
Key of the Mediterranean Gibraltar
Port Of Five Seas Moscow
Land of Canals Netherlands
Land of Tulips Netherlands
Land of Windmills Netherlands
island of Pearls baharain
Land of Thousand Lakes Finland
Land of Kangaroos Australia
Holy Land Palastine


List of Sobriquets of Famous Places in India

Sobriquets Places
Boston of India Ahmedabad
Manchester of India Ahmedabad
Abode of the God Allahabad
Sangam City Allahabad
City of Prime Ministers Allahabad
Golden City Amritsar
Land of Black Diamond Asansol(West Bengal)
Royal Heritage City Bardhaman(West Bengal)
City of Peace Bardhaman(west Bengal)
Electronic City of India Bengaluru
Garden City of India Bengaluru
Silicon Valley of India Bengaluru
Blue Mountains Nilgiri Hills
Pensioners Paradise Bengaluru
Space City Bengaluru
Science city of India Bengaluru
IT Capital of India Bengaluru
The Silk City of India Bhagalpur(Bihar)
City of Lakes Bhopal
Mini Mumbai Indore
Temple City ofIndia Bhubaneswar(Odisha)
The City Beautiful Chandigarh
Gateway of South India Chennai
Detroit of Asia Chennai
Auto Hub of India Chennai
Health Capital of India Chennai
Textile City of south India Coimbatore
Scotland of India Coorg(Karnataka)
The Queen of the Hills Darjeeling(West Bengal)
The Coal Capital of India Dhanbad(Jharkhand)
Scotland of East Shillong(Meghalaya
Tea City of India Dibrugarh(Assam)
Ruhr of India Durgapur(west Bengal)
Eco-polite city Gandhinagar
Gateway of Madhya Pradesh Gwalior(Madhya Pradesh)
City of Scindia Gwalior
Historical Capital of MP Gwalior
City of Kings Gwalior
Gibraltar of India (Gwalior Fort) Gwalior
Blue Mountains Nilgiri
City of Nizams Hyderabad
HITECH City Hyderabad
City of Pearls (Historically known as a pearl and diamond trading centre, and it continues to be known as the City of Pearls) Hyderabad
Pink City Jaipur
Paris of India Jaipur
Golden City of India Jaisalmer (Rajasthan)
Steel City of India Jamshedpur(Jharkhand)
Pittsburgh ofIndia, for being rich in minerals Jamshedpur(Jharkhand)
Leather City of the World Kanpur
Manchester of North India Kanpur
Bengal’s Sorrow River Damodar
Cultural City Rajahmundry(Andra Pradesh)
The Place of Victory Vijayawada
Diamond City Of India Surat
Textile city Of India Surat
Blue City Jodhpur(Rajasthan)
Sun City Jodhpur(Rajasthan)
Venice of the East Udaipur
Evergreen City of India Thiruvananthapuram
God’s Own Land Thiruvananthapuram
City of Weavers Panipat(Haryana)
City of Handloom Panipat(Haryana)
City of Rallies New Delhi
Orange City Nagpur
Green City Mysore