Syllogism Set 5 : Beginner Series

1-10) In each question below are statements followed by conclusion. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance with commonly known facts. Read all the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements disregarding commonly known facts.

a) Only I follows

b) Either I or II follows

c) Only II follows

d) Both I and II follow

e) Neither I nor II follow

1) Statements:

Some Google are Wikipedia.

All Wikipedia are Encyclopaedia.

No Encyclopaedia is Yahoo.


Some Google is Encyclopaedia.

No Wikipedia is Yahoo.

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2) Statements:

Some Savings are Current.

No Savings is Fixed.

All Fixed are Term.


  1. Some Terms are Savings
  2. Some Current is Fixed
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3) Statements:

Some Gifts are Wallet.

Some Wallets are Card.

All Cards are Wishlist.


  1. Some Wishlists are Gift
  2. Some Cards are Wallet.
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4) Statements:

Some Books are Note.

No Pencil is Book.

No Pen is Note.


  1. No Book is Pen.
  2. Some Pencil is Note.
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5) Statements:

All Public are Private.

Some Public are Autonomous.

No Private is Government


  1. No Public is Government.
  2. Some Private are Autonomous.
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6) Statements:

All Factories are Industry.

No Industry is Institute.

Some Institute are Company.


  1. Some Factories are not Institute.
  2. All Institute are Factories.
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7) Statements:

No SOT is MOT.

Some MOT is Direction.

No Puzzle is Direction.


  1. Some Directions are not SOT.
  2. No Puzzle is MOT.
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8) Statements:

Some IBPS is IPPB.

All IPPB are PSB.



  1. Some NICL are IBPS.
  2. Some PSB are not IPPB.
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9) Statements:

Some Easy is Difficult.

No Difficult is Medium.

Some Medium is Moderate.


  1. Some Easy is Moderate.
  2. Some Difficult is not Medium.
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10) Statements:

Some Font is Effra.

All Effra are SBI.

Some SBI is BMB.


  1. No BMB is Effra.
  2. Some Font are not SBI is a possibility.
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