Dear TNPSC Aspirants,

TNPSC (GROUP IV), exam is going to held in 11.02.2018. There is only few days in our hands for preparation and you have to work hard to achieve your goal, because the competition is very high as per the vacancy is concerned.

So start your preparation now with this study Planner for TNPSC (GROUP IV). It’s an 8 days complete planner with various questions from History, Geography, Biology, Civics, Aptitude and Reasoning Included. There will be 1 Mock test available in this planner.

We have planned in such a way that it will cover all the topics namely, Tamil Language, English Language, History, Geography, Biology, Civics, Aptitude and Reasoning questions as per TNPSC(GROUP IV), Syllabus and previous year question paper pattern(With special reference). Because each and every topic is the deciding Factors for Scoring more marks. Scoring high mark in this TNPSC (GROUP IV) exam only will decide your Job confirmation. Though the exam is getting tougher and tougher for each and every Year, Only consistently hard working candidates will crack the exam. So be a continuous hard worker and grab the opportunity to achieve your success.


So as per the planner here is content related to General awareness.

Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC)-GROUP IV

General awareness Day-1

Total No. Of Questions: 50

Timing: 25 minutes

Can you take this General awarness Quiz (50 questions) in 25 minutes?

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Q.1) Who build the Aki Darwaze, fort of siri and the palace of thousand pillars?

a) Alaud din Khilji

b) Jalal ud din

c) Malik kafur

d) Nusarat Khan

Q.2) Metal which was unknown to Indus valley people

a) Gold

b) Iron

c) Copper

d) Silver

Q.3) In which city the great bath was found during Archaeological Excavation.

a) Harappa

b) Mohenjo-Daro

c) Lothal

d) Aryans

Q.4) In war of succession of pandya dynasty, who didMalik kafur helped?

a) Vera Pandya

b) Sundara Pandya

c) pandyaNedurchuzhiyan

d) Ubkira Pandya

Q.5) Find the incorrect statement regarding to Gupta age.

a) There were the famous astrology and mathamaticianAryabhatta, Varahamibira

b) There were the famous physicians sargar, susurudas and dhavartari belonged to the gupta age.

c) The Chinese travellesFahien visited the period of Chandragupta – II

d) The epics like Ramayana, Mahabharatha, 12 pwaras compiled during Gupta’s period.

Q.6) Where the first private Railway Station was established?

a) Rajasthan

b) Jharkand

c) Gujarat

d) Madhya Pradesh

Q.7) Where the world’s largest petroleum refinery center is established?

a) Indore

b) Mysore

c) Ratnagiri

d) Pune

Q.8) Where is National plantain Research center located?

a) Bihar-Vaishali

b) Ahmedabad-Gujarat

c) Kolkata-west Bengal

d) Bangalore-Karnataka

Q.9)  Where India’s first air-conditioned Rail Ambulance Service is established?

a) Tamilnadu

b) Uttar Pradesh

c) Himachal Pradesh

d) Maharastra

Q.10) Where India’s largest Floating solar electricity production unit established?

a) Kerala

b) Punjab

c) Goa

d) Maharastra

Q.11) 15/16 of (5/6-1/2)/10/11=?

a) 32/11

b) 11/32

c) 9/32

d) 32/9







Q.13) Multiply





Q.14) If a + b = 5 and a – b = 4, find

and ab.



c) 20, 45


Q.15) If

= 5, find the value of 

a) 100

b) 110

c) 115

d) 125

Q.16) Multiply





Q.17) If 1.5 x = 0.04 y, then the value of














d) None of these


a) 1/506

b) 1/1000

c) 1

d) None of these

Q.21) 40% of 1640+? = 35% of 980 + 150% of 850

a) 962

b) 692

c) 926

d) 629

Q.22) If

then the value of is



c) 2

d) 7

Q.23) If

then the value of  is

a) 1/7

b) 7/25

c) 3/4

d) 1/4



a) 1

b) 0

c) 2

d) ½

Q.25) Simplify:





Q.26) Large population of India depends on

a) Primary sector

b) Secondary sector

c) Service sector

d) None of these

Q.27)  The Role of time is influencing the equilibrium price in explained by,

a) Adam Smith

b) Alfred Marshall

c) Walker

d) Robbinson

Q.28) Carnivorous animals use these teeth to tear flesh.

a) Incisors

b) Canines

c) Premolars

d) Molars

Q.29) Pick out the wrong statement.

a) In a dicot seed there is a short longitudinal whitish ridge called the raphae.

b) The minute opening in a dicot seed is known as micropyle.

c) The rudimentary stem portion is known as radicle.

d) The rudimentary root portion is called radicle.

Q.30) Reduction division is the process by which gametes are produced. The cells in which reduction division take place are ____________ .

a) Germinal epithelial cells

b) the sensory epithelial cells

c) Cuboidal epithelial cells

d) Columnar epithelial cells

Q.31) Neurotransmitters are released at the synapse by _________________.

a) Tips of Dendrites

b) Synaptic Knobs

c) Organelles of Cyton

d) Myelin sheath of Axon

Q.32) Spinal nerves are ________.

a) sensory nerves

b) motor nerves

c) mixed nerves

d) innervating the brain

Q.33) When antibodies, extracted from other animals are injected into your body, what kind of immunity do you gain?

a) Artificially active acquired immunity

b) Artificially passive acquired immunity

c) Naturally active acquired immunity

d) Naturally passive acquired immunity

Q.34) Anemophily occurs in ____________ .

a) Vallisneria

b) Grass

c) Coconut

d) Datura

Q.35) Post-fertilization, the ovule changes into a/an __________ .

a) seed

b) fruit

c) endosperm

d) pericarp

Q.36) The mineral found in alluvial deposited is _____

(a) gold

(b) iron

(c) coal

(d) silver

Q.37) The ore of aluminium is _____

(a) sulphur

(b) salt

(c) bauxite

(d) iron

Q.38) The ore of Tin is ______

(a) cassiterite

(b) salt

(c) bauxite

(d) iron

Q.39) Which type of crop the rice is?

(a) High temperature tropical crop

(b) cool temperate tropical crop

(c) high temperature tropical grass plant

(d) temperate sub-temperate tropical crop.

Q.40) Rice grows will in _____ plants

(a) alluvial

(b) laterite

(c) saline

(d) marshy soil

Q.41) Which crops are more cultivated in Asia?

(a) wheat

(b) rice

(c) jute

(d) cotton

Q.42) National Anthem was firs sung on ____________ at _____________.

(a) 27th December 1911, INC Calcutta session

(b) 27th January 1911, INC Bombay session

(c) 21st January 1917, INC Calcutta session

(d) 27th December 1911, INC Chennai session

Q.43) How long did Constituent Assembly take to frame the constitution?

(a) 2 years 18 months 11 days

(b) 3 years, 18 months 11 days

(c) 3 years 11 months 18 days

(d) 2 years 11 months 18 days

Q.44) The date 26 January 1950 was selected to implement the constitution because it was the day ______________.

(a) National Anthem and National song were accepted

(b) Rajendra Prasad became President

(c) British gave approval

(d) Poorna Swaraj was celebrated earlier

Q.45) Drafting committee was constituted on ___________.

(a) July 29, 1947

(b) August 19, 1948

(c) August 29, 1947

(d) July 19, 1948

Q.46) Pick the odd man out:

(a) K.M. Munshi

(b) Sardar Patel

(c) Krishmachari

(d) Madhava Rao

Q.47) Who introduced the “Blue Water Policy”?

(a) Alfonso-de-Albuqueruque

(b) Vasco-da-Gama

(c) Nuno-da-Cunha

(d) Francisco-de-Almeida

Q.48) When Portuguese captured Goa?

(a) 1505

(b) 1510

(c) 1511

(d) 1515

Q.49) Preamble came into force on ___________.

(a) 26th November 1949

(b) 26th January 1949

(c) 26th November 1950

(d) 26th January 1950

Q.50) Who told, “Preamble of our constitution expresses what we have dreamt”

(a) Phalkivala

(b) Bhargava

(c) AlladiKrishnaswamy Ayer

(d) Hidyatullah

Answer Key

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Q.1 A
Q.2 B
Q.3 B
Q.4 B
Q.5 C
Q.6 D
Q.7 C
Q.8 A
Q.9 D
Q.10 A
Q.11 B
Q.12 A
Q.13 C
Q.14 A
Q.15 B
Q.16 B
Q.17 C
Q.18 C
Q.19 C
Q.20 A
Q.21 A
Q.22 C
Q.23 B
Q.24 B
Q.25 A
Q.26 A
Q.27 B
Q.28 B
Q.29 C
Q.30 A
Q.31 B
Q.32 C
Q.33 A
Q.34 B
Q.35 A
Q.36 A
Q.37 C
Q.38 A
Q.39 A
Q.40 A
Q.41 B
Q.42 A
Q.43 D
Q.44 D
Q.45 C
Q.46 B
Q.47 D
Q.48 B
Q.49 D
Q.50 C

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