Aptitude Questions : Partnership set 16

Q.1) Fresh nuts contains 75% of water by weight, where as dry nuts contains 50% of water by weight. Smith buys 50 kg of fresh nuts for a total price of Rs.150. At what price should he sell the dry nuts (fresh nuts are dried up) to earn 40% profit?

(a) 5 2/5

(b) 8 2/5

(c) 9 2/5

(d) 7 2/5

(e)  None of these

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In fresh nut ratio of water to nut is 75:25 = 3:1

In dry nut ratio is = 50:50= 1:1

Weight of nut  is = 50×(1/4)=12.5 kg

Weight of dry nut is = 12.5×2=25 kg

Required amount is = (150×(140/100))/25
=8 2/5

Q.2) A man bought two goat for Rs.1008. He sold one at a loss of 20% and other at a profit of 44%. If each goat got was sold for the same price, the cost price of the goat, which was sold at loss, was:

(a) Rs. 648

(b) Rs.360

(c) Rs.568

(d) Rs.440

(e)  None of these

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80% of cost price of first goat=144% ofcost price of second goat

∴cost price of first goat :cost price of second goat=144:80=9:5

∴Cost price of first goat= 9/14×1008=Rs.648

Q.3) Raman purchased 120 tables at a price of Rs. 120 per table. He sold 30 tables at profit of Rs. 12 per table and 75 tables at a profit of Rs. 14 per table. The remaining tables were sold at a loss of Rs. 7 per table. What is the average profit per tables?

(a) Rs.1140.3

(b) Rs.1569.6

(c) Rs.1150.3

(d) Rs.1145.3

(e)  None of these

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Total C.P. = (120 × 120) = Rs. 14400

Total S.P. = {(30× 120 + 30 × 12) + (75 × 120 + 75 × 14) + (15 × 120 – 15 × 7)}

= 15705

Average profit =  (15705-14400)/120=10.9%


Q.4) A dealer buys three types of orange at Rs.100, Rs.80, and Rs.60 per kg. He mixes them in the ratio of 3:4:5 by weight and sells them at a profit of 50%. At what price per kilogram does he sell the oranges?

(a) 125 per kg

(b) 115 per kg

(c) 118 per kg

(d) 120 per kg

(e)  None of these

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Suppose the dealer purchases 3 kg, 4 kg and 5 kg of oranges.

Then the price of the total orange,


As the total oranges weights 12 kg and the dealer makes a profit of 50%,

the selling price of oranges per kg


Q.5) The ratio of the cost price of articles A to that of B is 7:9. Article A was sold at a profit of 40% and article B was sold at a profit of 10%. If the total profit earned after selling both the articles (A and B is Rs.148, what is the difference between the cost prices of articles A and B?

(a) Rs.120

(b) Rs.160

(c) Rs.200

(d) Rs.80

(e)  Rs.40

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Cost price of article A=7x

Cost price of article B=9x

Total profit=7x×0.4+9x×0.1=148



Difference of the cost price=9x-7x=2x   =2×40=Rs.80

Q.6) Wiki daily is the famous magazine in England. In that company there is a profit of Rs 75. If  2/3  part of an article is sold at 30% profit, ¼ part at 16% profit and remaining part at 12 % profit and then find the cost price of the article?

(a) Rs 350

(b) Rs 300

(c) Rs 500

(d) Rs 450

(e)  Rs 600

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S1= 2/3      P1=30%

S2= 1/4      P2=16%

S3=1-(2/3+1/4)=1/12            P3=12%

Total profit= Rs 75

CP of entire article=((total profit ×100))/((S1×P1+S2×P2+S3×P3) )

CP of entire article=((75 ×100))/((2/3×30+1/4×16+1/12×12) )=7500/25=Rs 300

Q.7) Raja is dealer of electronic components. He imports the components from Germany. Raja sells a radio valve at profit of 40%. If he bought it at 40% less and sold it for Rs 5 less than the previous selling price, he would have gained 50%. Find the cost price?

(a) Rs 12

(b) Rs 10

(c) Rs 7.25

(d) Rs 8.50

(e)  Rs 15

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Let C P= Rs 100 then SP= 140

New CP= Rs 60 then New SP= 60×150/100=90

From question

Rs140- Rs90= Rs 50 is equivalent to Rs 5

Rs 100 is equivalent to Rs 10

CP=Rs 10

Q.8) Viji went to Vijaya mall and then she bought bangles at Rs 60 per dozen. The selling price of hundred bangles so as to gain 15% will be (in Rs)

(a) Rs 500

(b) Rs 575

(c) Rs 300

(d) Rs 425

(e)  Rs 325

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12 bangles cost= 60 per dozen

1 bangle cost= 60/12= Rs 5

So CP of 100 bangles= 100×5=Rs 500

So SP = Rs x

From given question

(SP-CP)/CP×100=profit %



X=Rs 575

Q.9) Saravana stores offered 50% discount on the marked prize and there is a loss of 20%. If it is sold the MP, find the profit percentage?

(a) 50%

(b) 60%

(c) 30%

(d) 65%

(e)  80%

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MP=Rs x

SP=50/100×x=1/2 x

CP=1/2 x×100/80=5/8 x

Profit when sold at MP=x-5/8 x=3/8 x

profit %= (3x/8)/(5x/8)×100=3/5×100=60%

Q.10) Balaji wants to buy an Hp laptop. He bought a Laptop listed at Rs 2000 with discount 10% offer on the list price. What additional amount must be offered to balaji to bring the net price to Rs 1650?

(a) 8%

(b) 8 2/3%

(c) 9%

(d) 8 1/3%

(e)  10%

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Marked price=2000


Net amount=1650

Required %= (1800-1650)/1800×100=81/3%