Computer Shortcut Keys

Basic shortcut keys



CTRL + C – COPY selected item

CTRL + X – CUT selected item


CTRL + HOME – Go to the beginning of the document.

CTRL + END – Go to the end of the document.

SHIFT + DEL – Cut selected item.

ALT + F – file menu option in the current program.

ALT + E – edit option in the current program.

Word shortcut keys

CTRL + B – bold the highlighted item

CTRL + N – Open new document

CTRL + O – open option

CTRL + P – open the print window

CTRL + F – open find box

CTRL + I – Italicize the selected section

CTRL + K – insert the link

CTRL + U – underline the selected section

CTRL + Y – Redo

CTRL + Z – Undo

CTRL + G – Find and replace option

CTRL + J – Justify the selected paragraph

CTRL + L – Left alignment of the selected text

CTRL + E – Centre alignment of the selected text

CTRL + R – Right alignment of the selected text

CTRL +D – font option

CTRL + M – Indent the paragraph

CTRL + SHIFT + F – change the font

CTRL + 1 – single spaces line

CTRL + 2- double spaces line

SHIFT + F3 – change the case of the selected text

SHIFT + INSERT – paste

F7 – spelling check

F12 – Save as

CTRL +S – Save

CTRL + W- close the document

SHIFT + F7- Activate the thesaurus

ALT + SHIFT + D- Insert the current date

ALT + SHIFT + T- Insert the current time

Microsoft windows shortcut keys

CTRL + ESC – Bring up start menu

ALT + ESC – switch between the application on the task bar

F2 – rename selected item

F3 – start the find from the desktop

F5 – refresh the content

ALT + F4- close the current open program

CTRL + F4- close the window of the program

SHIFT +DEL- delete the files permanently

ALT + Print screen – screen shot of the current desktop screen

ALT + TAB- switch between the open applications

Excel shortcut keys

F2 – edit the selected cell

F5- go to the specific cell

F7 – spell check of the selected text

F11- create the chart

CTRL+SHIFT+; – enter the current time

CTRL+; – enter the current date

ALT+SHIFT+F1- insert the new worksheet

SHIFT + F3- open the formula window

SHIFT + F5- open the search box

CTRL+D- fill the cell

CTRL+G- open the go to option

CTRL+O – open option

CTRL+P- open the print dialogue box

CTRL+F9- minimize the current window

CTRL+F10- maximize the current selected window

CTRL+F6- Switch between the open worksheets

SHIFT+SPACE- select entire row

CTRL + SPACE- select entire column

CTRL+W- close the window

CTRL+TAB- move between two or more open excel files

Outlook shortcut keys

ALT+ S- send the email

CTRL + C – COPY selected item

CTRL + X – CUT selected item


CTRL + P – open the print window

CTRL+R – reply to the email

CTRL+F- forward the email

CTRL+N- create new email

CTRL+SHIFT+O- open the outbox

CTRL+SHIFT+I-open the inbox

CTRL+SHIFT+K- add a new task

CTRL+SHIFT+C- create a new contact

CTRL+SHIFT+J- create a new journal entry