Static GK: Largest Lakes in the World in decreasing order

Name Countries with shoreline Notes
Caspian Sea  Kazakhstan
The Caspian Sea is often regarded as the world’s largest lake, but it contains an oceanic basin (contiguous with the world ocean until 11 million years ago) rather than being entirely over continental crust.
Superior  Canada
United States
Largest of the Great Lakes by volume, having more water than the other four combined.Popularly considered the largest freshwater lake by surface area, though Lakes Michigan and Huron are treated hydrologically as a single entity due to their connection at the deep watered Straits of Mackinac; this single entity would be the largest freshwater lake by surface area if it were treated as a single lake.
Victoria  Uganda,  Kenya
The largest lake by area in Africa.
Huron  Canada
United States
Contains Manitoulin Island, the world’s largest lake island.
Michigan  United States Largest lake by area entirely within one country.
Tanganyika  Burundi,  Tanzania
Zambia, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Longest freshwater lake in the world and largest volume fresh water lake in Africa.
Baikal  Russia Deepest lake in the world and largest volume fresh water lake in the world.
Great Bear Lake  Canada Largest lake entirely within Canada.
Malawi  Malawi
Great Slave Lake  Canada Deepest lake in North America.

Longest Rivers of the world in decreasing order:

River Source Outflow
Nile Tributaries of Lake Victoria, Africa Mediterranean Sea
Amazon Glacier-fed lakes, Peru Atlantic Ocean
Mississippi-Missouri- Source of Red Rock, Montana Gulf of Mexico
 Red Rock
Chang Jiang (Yangtze) Tibetan plateau, China China Sea
Ob Altai Mts., Russia Gulf of Ob


World’s Largest Dams in decreasing order

Dam Location
Three Gorges China
Syncrude Tailings Canada
Chapetón Argentina
Pati Argentina
New Cornelia Tailings United States
Tarbela Pakistan


List of Dams in the order of height

Name Country River
Jinping-I Dam  China Yalong
Nurek Dam Tajikistan Vakhsh
Xiaowan Dam  China Lancang
Xiluodu Dam  China Jinsha Jiang
Grande Dixence Dam  Switzerland Dixence