Crack IBPS Clerk Prelims: All India Free mock Test : Day 28

Dear bankersdaily aspirant,

IBPS Clerk Study planner is running successfully for past 6 days. On the day 28, we are providing mock tests for your betterment. Analyze your strong and weaker sections. All the best. Try to score more than 50 in the mock test.

Steps To Take Online Test Using Mobile:

1) Download our Online Test App by Clicking the following Link

2) After Downloading, Please Press Login Button

3) In Login Button, If you are a RACE Student, Login using your Enrollment ID.

If you are a Non-RACE Student, then press Login using Google+/ Login Using Facebook Button.

4) After login, Please Click the Link which is Given here.

IBPS Clerk Mock test

IBPS CLERK Prelims Study Planner 2017

All the daily quizzes will be updated in the table in the above link, please do attend the quizzes in a daily manner so that, the chances of scoring in the preliminary examination of the IBPS Clerk 2017 is more. At the end, the ultimate aim is to score more and this may be a start to that achievement in the end.