Dear Banking Aspirant,

The results of the most awaited exams like IBPS RRB Scale I Officer, IBPS RRB Office Assistant (Multipurpose), UIIC Assistants preliminary examination 2017 is expected in a few days. The exams were easy and mostly in that range and even the moderate range questions were less and so the expectations were sky level for these exams. Apart from these factors, the number of candidates who have attended the exams are also high, this can be deciphered from the number of slots all these exams had.

We hope, all the aspirants have attended the exams above their expectation level and everyone is expecting a positive results. Team Bankersdaily wishes all the aspirants for the forthcoming exams and also boost your preparations with the daily tests from our IBPS Clerk 2017 Prelims Planner.

As you all know, the IBPS PO preliminary examination is on the 1st week of October and the IBPS Clerk Preliminary Examination 2017 is slated to happen from December 1st week and so we have around 2 months to prepare for the IBPS Clerk 2017 preliminary examination. Don’t forget the mains examination and preliminary examination of various examinations which are slated to happen in between these two months and all you weekends are surrounded by exams in the forthcoming days, So utilize the weekdays and start preparing for the IBPS Clerk examination.

We have been getting positive feedback from the aspirants for our IBPS PO 2017 Study Planner and we also got many requests for the IBPS Clerk 2017 preliminary examination study planner. At the end what you wish is what what you get simple as that like WYSWYG. So your preparations for many exams with different patterns will keep your mind focused on each exams, concentrate on exams and achieve what you dreamed.

Team Bankersdaily will also provide 10 FREE MOCK TESTS at the end of the IBPS CLERK STUDY PLANNER 2017 and this will hep you to score more in the preliminary examination. We are providing this much of MOCK TESTS, so that aspirants could get an idea and a strategy o write the exams.

The only change in the planner when compared to the IBPS PO is the level of the questions will be in the easier to moderate level. Also we will focus on only one topic each day in the planner. Check the table for more details.

DAY 1 Simplification Inequalities Cloze Test
DAY 2 Number Series Seating Arrangement Error Spotting
DAY 3 Data Interpretation Blood Relation Reading Comprehension
DAY 4 Quadratic Equation Alphanumeric Symbol Series Double Fillers
DAY 5 Mixture & Allegation Coding decoding Sentence Rearrangement
DAY 6 Approximation Syllogism Spelling Error
DAY 7 Mock test Mock test Mock test
DAY 8 Simplification Inequalities Cloze Test
DAY 9 Number Series Puzzle test Error Spotting
DAY 10 Data Interpretation Miscellaneous Sentence Rearrangement
DAY 11 Quadratic Equation@ 8 PM Alpha Series @ 8 PM Double Fillers
DAY 12 Averages@ 8 PM Coding Decoding@ 8 PM Spelling Errors
DAY 13 Approximation@ 8 PM Syllogism@ 8 PM Reading Comprehension
DAY 14 IBPS Clerk Prelims Mock Test DAy 14@ 8 PM IBPS Clerk Prelims Mock Test DAy 14@ 8 PM IBPS Clerk Prelims Mock Test DAy 14@ 8 PM
DAY 15 Simplification Day 15@ 8 PM Inequalities Day 15@ 8 PM Sentence Rearrangement Day 15@ 8 PM
DAY 16 Number Series Day 16@ 8 PM Seating Arrangement / Puzzle Day 16@ 8 PM Cloze Test -Day 16@ 8 PM
DAY 17Data InterpretationMiscellaneousReading Comprehension
DAY 18Quadratic EquationAlphanumeric SeriesDouble Fillers
DAY 19MiscellaneousCoding and DecodingSpotting the Errors
DAY 20ApproximationSyllogismErrors in Spellings
DAY 22SimplificationInequalitiesCloze Test
DAY 23Number SeriesSeating / PuzzleError Spotting
DAY 24Data InterpretationMiscellaneousReading Comprehension
DAY 25Quadratic EquationAlphanumeric SeriesDouble Fillers
DAY 26MiscellaneousCoding and DecodingSentence Rearrangement
DAY 27ApproximationSyllogismErrors in Spellings
DAY 29SimplificationInequalitiesCloze Test
DAY 30Number SeriesSeating / PuzzleError Spotting
DAY 31Data InterpretationMiscellaneousReading Comprehension
DAY 32Quadratic EquationAlphanumeric SeriesDouble Fillers
DAY 33MiscellaneousCoding and DecodingSentence Rearrangement
DAY 34ApproximationSyllogismErrors in Spellings
DAY 36SimplificationInequalitiesCloze Test
DAY 37Number SeriesSeating / PuzzleError Spotting
DAY 38Data InterpretationMiscellaneousReading Comprehension
DAY 39Quadratic EquationAlphanumeric SeriesDouble Fillers
DAY 40MiscellaneousCoding and DecodingSentence Rearrangement
DAY 41ApproximationSyllogismErrors in Spellings
DAY 43SimplificationInequalitiesCloze Test
DAY 44Number SeriesSeating / PuzzleError Spotting
DAY 45Data InterpretationMiscellaneousReading Comprehension
DAY 46Quadratic EquationAlphanumeric SeriesDouble Fillers
DAY 47MiscellaneousCoding and DecodingSentence Rearrangement
DAY 48ApproximationSyllogismErrors in Spellings
DAY 50SimplificationInequalitiesCloze Test


Do bookmark this page, so that it will useful for you to check the daily updates of the IBPS CLERK PRELIMS 2017 STUDY PLANNER. We will be providing questions in the clerical level and you can recap all the topics in those three sections within the time. The planner starts from 2nd October 2017.


  1. 50 Day Study Planner
  2. Weekly review of the Tests – One Mock Test
  3. 10 free Mock Test Series starting from the 51st day
  4. At the end of the Course you may have practiced more than 100 questions from each topics
  5. Comprehension and Cloze Test – Easy Level
  6. IBPS Clerk specific questions
  7. Practice Individual Topics Daily
  8. Questions from the previous years exam

We will be supporting the aspirants with tests and mock tests and if you need any assistance in the preparation, please mention it in the comments section and we will be happy to provide it. Please make use of this Planner for your preparations and we are sure this will be of immense help to you.


Please also find the 10 FREE MOCK TESTS for the IBPS PO prelims 2017 from the link given below. Attend these exams and get benefited.



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