CRACK IBPS PO : New Pattern Cloze Test Day 61

In the following passage there are blanks each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words/phrases are suggested one of which fits the blank appropriately or choose No change required . Find out the appropriate word/phrase in each case:

The United States _________ (1) hidden in the glory of a total eclipse on Monday, as the moon’s shadow swept from the rocky beaches of Oregon to the marshes of South Carolina. Over an hour and a half, along a 70-mile-wide ribbon of land, in tiny towns like Glendo, Wyo., and metropolises like Nashville, on dirt roads and superhighways, in __________ (2) modest yards and grand national parks, coastal lowlands and high mountains, the world appeared to hush for a few minutes as the moon stood up to the sun, perfectly blocking its fierce light except for the corona, the halo of hot gas that surrounds it.

This was totality, an event that had not happened in the continental United States since 1979 and had not ___________ (3) passed into such a broad swath of the country in nearly a century. Darkness descended, the summer air caught a quick chill, Venus and some stars appeared in the near-night sky and, in Depoe Bay, Ore., one of the first places to ____________ (4) escape under the shadow, a flock of confused sea gulls began to call out. Even humans — who knew what was going on — were left to hunt for words to describe the spectacle.

The weather cooperated along much of the eclipse’s path, which included parts of 14 states. Scientists in Salem, Ore., who had gambled that skies would be clear, were not disappointed. They shouted and hugged each other as totality ended, knowing that their cameras and other instruments — many of them meant to gain a better understanding of the ______________ (5) mysterious corona — captured the eclipse under ideal conditions.But clouds affected viewing in some places, easing up briefly to offer a glimpse of totality in Beatrice, Neb., and Kansas City, Mo., and obscuring it completely in Charleston.Ashley Spencer waited for cloud cover to pass before the total eclipse with friends and family on Sunset View Farm outside Falls City, Neb. Credit Drew Anthony Smith for The New York Times.Nowhere was the weather more of a tease than in Carbondale, Ill., a hotbed of activity for scientists from NASA and other places, where 14,000 people _____________ (6) Flocked to watch in the football stadium of Southern Illinois University.

After a morning of brilliant sunshine, a line of ________________ (7) ordinary clouds began to appear in the hour before totality. At 10 minutes to zero-hour, all seemed lost despite chants from the crowd, pleading with the clouds to move. With five minutes to go, the clouds opened up — to huge cheers — only to close again. Then another brief break allowed a view of the first moments of totality before this window, too, closed. Over the weekend and into Monday, people had flocked to places where they could see the full eclipse, _______________ (8) miserable roads, filling hotel rooms and taxing local facilities in some places. Some paid nothing to see the spectacle; others paid a lot. For both, the experience proved overwhelming.

Mr. Trump at first ________ (9) glanced up at the sun without wearing protective glasses, ignoring the shouts of an aide below. Later he and the rest of the family donned the glasses and watched the partial eclipse for about a minute and a half before going inside. In St. Louis, the largest metropolitan area along the eclipse path, the northern boundary of totality sliced diagonally through the city just two miles south of downtown. An estimated 10,000 people gathered in Jefferson Barracks Park, on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River, well inside the totality zone. Shortly before the total eclipse, locusts began chirping in the trees, only to be _________ (10) forced out by roars from the crowd.



(a) Relished

(b) Experienced

(c) Basked

(d) Lied

(e) No change Required

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(a) Intricate

(b) Complex

(c) Assertive

(d) Unreserved

(e) No change Required

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(a) Traversed

(b) Wandered

(c) Tracked

(d) Confirmed

(e) No change Required

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(a) Escape

(b) Step

(c) Incline

(d) Fall

(e) No change Required

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(a) Dangerous

(b) Confusing

(c) Arcane

(d) Signifying

(e) No change Required

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(a) Dispersed

(b) Joined

(c) Gathered

(d) Crowded

(e) No change Required

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(a) Enormous

(b) Significant

(c) Miniscule

(d) Measurable

(e) No change Required

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(a) Surrounded

(b) Clearance

(c) Excumbrance

(d) Clogging

(e) No change Required

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(a) Stared

(b) Outraged

(c) Peeped

(d) Through

(e) No change Required

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(a) Drowned

(b) Failed

(c) Singled

(d) Paralyzed

(e) No change Required

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