CRACK IBPS PO : New Pattern Error Spotting Day 47

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Try these questions which are based on the New Pattern Error Spotting topic. Practice makes everything perfect and we are sure these practice questions will make to ace the questions asked in the exams.


(a) However, Since the bilateral visits of India and Nepal, Kathmandu would on August 14 host Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang.

(b) India has announced that visit will have a bilateral component.

(c) This would apply, for instance, to Defence Secretary James Mattis, who was on vacation when Mr. Trump unexpectedly announced a ban on transgender persons in the military

(d) There is no doubting that it was Kohli’s view that prevailed on whom should be out of the reckoning

(e) The manner of Shastri’s appointment does appear odd, there is no denying his credentials

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Answer : Option (C)


(a) Replace “ Since” by “Between” & “will” by “Would”

(b) “The” should come before “Visit” and it should be “the visit”

(d) Replace “Whom” by “Who”

(e) Include “But” before “there”


(a) It is a rare occurrence and it need be celebrated more wholesomely

(b) This erosion has been interspersed between two previous collapses of smaller ice shelves

(c) The remaining States will be covered Since the end of this year

(d) For, the second week witnessed the range of a rested Federer’s genius

(e) The objective is not to relegate academic attainments for a second order priority

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Answer : Option (E)


(a) Need has to be replaced with “Needs to”

(b) Replace “Between” with “by”

(c) Replace “Since” with “by”

(d) Replace “for” with “to”



(a) A more open and liberal approach to schooling will have to good long-term outcomes

(b) I request you kindly to tell me about the prospects of the project

(c) Ravi Shastri was selected as the coach of the Indian Cricket Team

(d) Yet, the impact off such a loss on the stability of the ice shelf itself may not be benign.

(e) No less than Eighty young cricketers were selected for the Chennai Super Kings Young Champ Week

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Answer : Option (B)


(a) Remove “to” before “good”

(c) As’ is not used with verbs like ‘appointed’, ‘elected’ , ‘considered’, ‘called’

(d) Replace “off” with “of”

(e) “No Lesser Than” should be replaced by “No Fewer Than”


(a) The actress was shocked by the news of her dog’s death

(b) The widely publicized manifesto of the new party is not much different than ours

(c) This watch is superior and more expensive than that

(d) The venue of the examination is one mile further up the hill

(e) After opening the door we entered into the classroom next to the staffroom

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Answer : Option (A)


(b) Replace “Different Than” with “Different from”

(c) Replace “Than” with “to”

(d) Since we are discussing about Distance , it should be far and not further.

(e) Remove “into” as enter has the same meaning for the former word.


(a) Developed countries have committed to removing export subsidies immediately, except for a handful of agriculture products, and developing countries will do so by 2018

(b) China is getting old at a time when its entrepreneurial class is still in the early innings of spreading their wings.

(c) With a view to enhance the spectrum of tourism govt has come up with a new plan of tourism circuits to be implemented in 2019

(d) My boss does not believe that I am working sincerely and obediently for the interest of the company for all these years

(e) As an important member of WTO, India has been in the forefront of framing fair global rules, regulations and safeguards and advocated the interests of the developing world.

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Answer : Option (A)


(b) Replace “ Spreading their Wings” with “Spreading it’s Wings”

(c) Replace “View To Enhance” with “ View to Enhancing”

(d) Replace “ Am Working” with “Have been Working”

(e) Replace “in” with “at”


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