CRACK IBPS PO : New Pattern Error Spotting Day 74

Q 1-10 : Read the following sentences carefully and select the correct option. Each sentence is split into four parts namely (a), (b), (c) and (d). Select the part which is grammatically wrong. If all the parts of the sentence are grammatically correct then, choose ‘No error’ (e) as the option.


1) Myanmar has been laying landmines across parts of its border (a) / with Bangladesh in recent days (b) / government sources in Dhaka has been told Reuters (c) / and the sources speculated that mines have been placed to prevent Rohingya refugees from returning to Rakhine state (d) / No Error (e)


2) The court decision came (a)/ as the EU executive curtly dismisses (b) / Orbán’s request for EU funds to build(c) / Hungary’s controversial border fence (d) / No Error (e)


3) The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism (a) / takes a lot of time, money and hard work to produce (b) / but we do it because we believe our perspective matters (c) / because it might well be your perspective, too (d) / No Error (e)


4) Doctors advised to listen to (a) / what women tell them about crippling pelvic and period pain(b) / and look out for the symptoms of endometriosis in a bid (c) / to speed up diagnosis of a disease that can wreck lives and careers (d) / No Error (e)


5) Studies being done to find out (a) / the causes and best treatment of endometriosis, but there was little consistency (b) / in the collection of data, which should change in line with guidance(c) / published by the World Endometriosis Foundation (d) / No Error (e)


6) He briefly returned to New York (a) / earlier this week, having earlier withdrawn (b) / from the US Open shortly after the main draw was made, which resulted in minor controversy (c) /as it left the co-favourites, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, scheduled to meet in the semi-finals rather than in Sunday’s final (d) / No Error (e)


7) Sustained middling form, or the mild uncertainty (a) / that Hart has emanated for more than a year (b) / doesn’t seem to be enough and  Southgate missed an chance (c) /in the current break to show a little ruthlessness and address this (d) / No Error (e)


8) The Syria team’s story is a complex one (a) / and perhaps not your standard feelgood affair; you may query whether they represent (b) / a regime or a nation but it certainly does no harm to admire the sporting achievement of a squad (c) / that had forces to play its home games in Malaysia and was given scant hope at the outset (d) / No Error (e)


9) She was interested in a surf project in the Gaza Strip (a)/ but Martins did not know about it (b) /even though he claims to have spent time (c) / in the territory and surfed there (d) / No Error (e)


10) Iceland made plenty of friends following their qualification (a) / for France 2016 and their unlikely subsequent (b) / foray into the quarter-finals of the same tournament (c) / but their progress – or lack of it – afterwards was always going to be interesting (d) / No Error (e)

Know the Answers for the above Questions

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  1. C. Replace “has been told” by “have told”
  2. B. Replace “Dismisses” by “Dismissed”
  3. E. No Error
  4. A. Add “are being” after “Doctors”
  5. Add “were” after “Studies”
  6. E. No Error
  7. C. Replace “an” with “a”
  8. D. Replace “Had Forces” with “Has been Forced”
  9. C. Replace “Claims” with “Claimed”
  10. E. No Error


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