CRACK IBPS PO : Spotting Errors Day 19

1. People are worried (a) / more because of the frequency (b) / of occurrence of the crimes rather (c) / than the magnitude of each one (d) / no error (e).

2. The quality of construction (a) / of our building was (b) / highly appreciable by (c) / most of the visitors (d) / no error (e)

3. The discreet enquiry revealed (a) / that his involvement in (b) / the fraud cases have been (c) / more than what was first guessed (d) / no error (e)

4. I know nothing (a) / about chess because (b) / my games teacher also (c) / was not knowing nothing about it (d) / no error (e)

5. Due to uncertainty (a) / capital market conditions, (b) / there has been a tremendous (c) / growth in bank deposits (d) / no error (e)

6. Her sympathetic nature (a) / and ability of motivation of people (b) / make her the best (c) / of all the supervisors (d) / no error (e)

7. To lose weight, (a) / cut down on (b) / what you eat (c) / and exercise regularly (d) no error (e)

8. The limitations and constrains with which (a) / we have been managing our work (b) / have been duly realized (c) / by our superiors (d) / no error (e)

9. How could one, (a) / who had all along (b) / been a criminal, (c) / be granted privileges? (d) / no error (e)

10. The child complaint that (a) / he was being denied his (b) / father’s love due to (c) / his step mother’s intervention (d) / no error (e)

Answer Key With Explanations:

1. (c) With ‘more’ in (b) there is no need to have ‘rather’; just ‘than’ is sufficient.

2. (c) The word should be ‘appreciated’ (v.) (praised) and not ‘ appreciable’ (adj.) (considerable).

3. (c) As we are referring to ‘his involvement’. It should be ‘has been’ and not ‘have been’. There has to be agreement between the noun, number and the verb. Don’t make the mistake of matching the verb with ‘fraud cases’.

4. (d) ‘Was not knowing nothing’ has a wrong tense usage and also involves two negatives. It should be ‘did not know anything’ (or ‘knew nothing’) in place of ‘was not knowing nothing’.

5. (a) It should be ‘uncertain’ (adj.) before ‘capital market conditions and not ‘uncertainly’ (noun).

6. (b) Correct usage is ‘ability to movitate people’.

7. (e) No error.

8. (a) The word ‘with’ must be replaced by ‘under’; you work ‘under’ constraints, not ‘with’ constraints.

9. (e) No error.

10. (a) ‘Complaint’ (noun) should be replaced by ‘complained’ (verb)

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