CRACK IBPS PO : Spotting Errors Day 34

1. The passer-by told us (a) / where was the marriage hall (b) / and even led us to it (c) / no error (d)

2. The increase in consumption is directly (a) / proportional to the increase (b) / in income (c) / no error (d)

3. In Singapore, (a) / my brother-in-law with his wife (b) / were present at the function (c) / no error (d)

4. Scarcely had (a) / I arrived than (b) / the train left (c) / no error (d)

5. The reason why (a) / he was rejected (b) / was because he was too young (c) / no error (d)

6. Teachers of various schools (a) / met to discuss about (b) / how to improve the standard of English (c) / no error (d)

7. His tradition-bound attitude (a) / had to be a constant source of dissatisfaction (b) / among the young members of the family (c) / no error (d)

8. The two first to arrive (a) / were the lucky recipients (b) / of a surprise gift (c) / no error (d)

9. The road (a) / to the famous monument (b) / passes through a forest (c) / no error (d)

10. These items display (a) / the (b) / remarkable variety (c) / no error (d)

Answer Key with Explanations:

1. (b) ‘Where the marriage hall was’ is the correct expression. In reporting a question in indirect speech, the interrogative word order is changed and the assertive word order (subject before verb) is introduced. Here, in (b), subject- the marriage hall-must appear before verb was.

2. (e) No error.

3. (b) The second part should be rewritten as ‘my brother-in-law and his wife’ to agree with the verb ‘were’. You may think of marking (c); ‘were’ changed to ‘was’ to go with the construction in (b). However, the construction is awkward. The choice of replacing ‘with’ with ‘and’ is better.

4. (b) ‘Scarcely’ is followed by ‘when’ and not ‘than’.

5. (c) When ‘the reason why’ is used, there is no need for a ‘because’ in the sentence as the two convey the same meaning. It should be ‘that’ instead of ‘because’.

6. (b) With ‘discuss’, ‘about’ should not be used when ‘how’ is mentioned. (Note that ‘Teacher of various schools discussed about ways to improve the standard of English’ would also be correct).

7. (b) Correct usage would be ‘is’ or ‘was’ in place of ‘had to be’.

8. (a) It should be ‘The first two to arrive’. ‘First’ is used as an adjective here qualifying ‘two’.

9. (d) No error.

10. (b) ‘A’ is the right article, and not ‘the’. No specific kind of variety is emphasised.

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