Q.1) Radhanagar beach got the World’s 8th best in the TripAdvisor’s ‘World’s Travellers Choice Award-Winning Beaches’. In which Island it is located?

a) Viper Island, Andaman

b) Neil Island, Andaman

c) Havelock Island, Andaman

d) Ross Island, Andaman

e) None of these

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Q.2) According to the latest survey by Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy, which city got the Top ranked in Best Urban Governance?

a) Thiruvananthapuram

b) Mumbai

c) Kolkata

d) Chandigarh

e) Bengaluru

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Q.3) Oman will be schedule to conduct their second bilateral exercise, Al Nagah-II 2017, in March with India. This Army Exercise held in which state of India?

a) Saputara, Gujarat

b) Agumbe, Karnataka

c) Radha Kund, Uttar Pradesh

d) Horsley, Andhra Pradesh

e) Bakloh, Himachal Pradesh

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Q.4) Which country has lifted 12 million people out of poverty in 2016, said by the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development?

a) India

b) Australia

c) China

d) Japan

e) Canada

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Q.5) Reliance Jio Infocomm (Jio) has partnered with which company to further expand its Jio platform with existing multi-terabit capacity into a first All-IP converged network?

a) Avon

b) Microsoft

c) IBM

d) Dell

e) Cisco

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Q.6) SIDBI has signed an agreement with which bank to provide loans at a concessional rate to MSMEs?

a) Capital Small Finance Bank

b) Equitas Small Finance Bank

c) Disha Microfin Private Limited

d) ESAF Microfinance and Investments Private Ltd.

e) Ujjivan Financial Services Private Ltd.

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Q.7) Which Financial Centre partners with GIFT City to share exchange of information on banking, financial service and securities between them?

a) Hong Kong International Financial Centre

b) Frankfurt International Financial Centre

c) Dubai International Financial Centre

d) Chicago International Financial Centre

e) Dublin International Financial Centre

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Q.8) Which Insurance Company expanded its online product suit with launch of iSelect term plan meant for family protection?

a) HDFC ERGO General Insurance

b) Cholamandalam MS General Insurance

c) Life Insurance of Corporation

d) Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance

e) Shriram Life Insurance

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Q.9) The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has kept its January estimate for growth in gross domestic product (GDP) in 2016-17 unchanged at___?

a) 7.0%

b) 7.2%

c) 7.3%

d) 7.7%

e) 7.1%

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Q.10) The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) cut its growth projection for India in 2016-17 to ___ from the 7.4% it had projected last year.

a) 6.9%

b) 7.3%

c) 7.1%

d) 7.0%

e) 6.5%

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Q.11) How much dollars had slashed to India’s largest e-commerce marketplace Flipkart by investor Morgan Stanley?

a) $5.37 Billion

b) $6.37 Billion

c) $5.39 Billion

d) $5.27 Billion

e) $6.47 Billion

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Q.12) Which of the following woman from Japanese launches her first app for iPhone named ‘’Hinadan”?

a) Yayoi Kusama

b) Masako Katsura

c) Misako Shirasu

d) Masako Wakamiya

e) Murasaki Shikibu

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Q.13) Who was appointed as Indian Hockey Women Team Coach, succeeding Neil Hawgood?

a) Navjot Kaur

b) Monika Malik

c) Marijne Sjoerd

d) Grace Ekka

e) Savitha Punia

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Q.14) Who got retired from Officers training Academy after serving the armed forces for close to 40 years?

a) Lt. General Bobby Mathews

b) Lt. General David Mathews

c) Lt. General Thomas George

d) Lt. General George Mathews

e) Lt. General Fernandas

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Q.15) Which American businessman paid Rs.133 crore ($20 million) for an eight-day trip to the International Space Station (ISS), becoming the world’s first orbital space tourist?

a) Willams Rito

b) Dennis Vito

c) James George

d) Stephen Rito

e) Dennis Tito

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Q.16) P Shivshankar, who died recently belongs to which field?

a) Politician

b) Journalist

c) Actor

d) professor

e) Astronaut

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Q.17) What is the theme of 2017 “Zero Discrimination Day” celebrated on March 1st?

a) “Stand Out” 

b) “Make some noise”

c) Open Up, Reach Out “

d) Stand In” 

e) None of these

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Q.18) India and Israel celebrated 25 years of establishment of their diplomatic relations. What is capital of Isreal?

a) Luanda

b) Baghdad

c) Tehran

d) Jerusalem

e) Minsk

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Q.19) Recently, where was India’s first integrated heliport launched by Civil Aviation minister Gajapathi Raju?

a) Mumbai

b) Chennai

c) Allahabad

d) New Delhi

e) None of these

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Q.20) In which state of India, the first manufacturing line under the Britannia-Chipita joint venture is set to begin production with investment of Rs.90 crore?

a) Tamilnadu

b) Kerala

c) Karnataka

d) Maharastara

e) Gujarat

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Q.21) The Union ministry of electronics and information technology wants all bank accounts to be internet-enabled by after seeing the ‘phenomenal success’ of the Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) app. What is the dead line for all bank accounts internet-enabled?

a) March 31

b) June 30

c) September 30

d) April 1

e) December 31

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Q.22) Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be implemented from___.

a) April 1, 2017

b) May 1, 2017

c) July 1, 2017

d) September 1, 2017

e) January 1, 2018

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Q.23) Jitu Rai won India’s third medal in the ongoing ISSF World Cup in New Delhi when he clinched a bronze medal in the 10-metre air pistol event. Who win the Gold Medal at this event?

a) Jitu Rai

b) Xuan Vinh Hoang

c) Tomoyuki Matsuda

d) Gagan Naran

e) Zhu Quinan

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Q.24) Who won the men’s doubles gold at the “2017 Uganda International Series”?

a) Tarun Kona and Alwin Francis

b) Aatish Lubah and Georges Julien Paul

c) Tarun Kona and Georges Julien Paul

d) Alwin Francis and Aatish Lubah

e) None of these

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