Q.1) India recently tested which Supersonic Cruise missile on the Odisha coast?

a) Shaurya

b) Prithvi

c) Pradyumna

d) Brahmos

e) Ashwin

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Q.2) 12th CIIEXIM Bank conclave on IndiaAfrica project partnership took place in __________

a) Bangalore

b) Bhubaneswar

c) Chennai

d) Mumbai

e) New Delhi

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Q.3) India signed double taxation avoidance Agreement with which of the following country?

a) Portugal

b) Belgium

c) Canada

d) Lebanon

e) Hungary

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Q.4) Himachal Pradesh launched a new app known as “Mera Hunar app”. The app is specially designed for whom?

a) Students

b) Doctors

c) Poor

d) Job-seekers

e) Militants

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Q.5) Central government has launched a new centre on pilot basis for ______

a) Tortoise

b) Tigers

c) Elephants

d) Deers

e) Fishes

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Q.6) Ford Foundation appoints __________ as regional director of India, Nepal and Srilanka

a) David Hulse

b) Pradeep Nair

c) Rahul Gautam

d) Anurag Mehrotra

e) David Schock

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Q.7) Jiratchaya Sirimongkolnawin crowned as Miss International 2016 which is world’s largest transgender pageant. Jiratchaya hails from which country?

a) Taiwan

b) Malaysia

c) Belgium

d) Philippines

e) Thailand

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Q.8) Paytm to levy how much percentage tax on recharges made through Credit


a) 5%

b) 3%

c) 2%

d) 8%

e) 4%

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Q.9) Who has been appointed as the new Managing Director of state owned Life Insurance Corporation of India?

a) Racharla Samrajyam

b) S K Roy

c) VK Sharma

d) Usha Sangwan

e) Hemant Bhargava

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Q.10) Capital of Thailand __________

a) Thimphu

b) Havana

c) Kigali

d) Bangkok

e) Dublin

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