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Q.1) Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting will be held in which of the following country?

a) Denmark

b) Sweden

c) Norway

d) UK

e) Finland

Q.2) The 2nd India Mobile congress will be held in which of the following place?

a) New Delhi

b) Jaipur

c) Chennai

d) Pune

e) Mumbai

Q.3) What is the theme of 2nd India Mobile congress?

a) AUTHORISED DIGITAL HORIZONS : Connect, Create, Implement

b) DIGITAL HORIZONS : Connect, Create, Indirect

c) NEW DIGITAL HORIZONS : Connect, Create, Innovate

d) TOWARDS DIGITAL HORIZONS : Connect, Create, Innovate

e) FINAL DIGITAL HORIZONS : Connect and Innovate

Q.4) What is the abbreviation of “A” in the Scheme FAME?

a) Adaption

b) Adoption

c) Antivirus

d) Amendment

e) None of these

Q.5) Which ministry has launched the web-based application ‘e-FRRO’?

a) Ministry of Health & Family Welfare

b) Ministry of Home Affairs

c) Ministry of Civil Aviation

d) Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment

e) Ministry of Defence

Q.6) How much amount has been allocated by Maharashtra government  for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe welfare schemes in 2018-19 scheme?

a) Rs 22, 345.29 crore

b) Rs 23, 345.29 crore

c) Rs 24, 345.29 crore

d) Rs 25, 345.29 crore

e) Rs 26, 345.29 crore

Q.7) Who is the president of Montenegro?

a) Rodney Williams

b) Milo Djukanovic

c) Abdul Hamid

d) Juan Manuel Santos

e) Fuad Masum

Q.8) What is the capital of Montenegro?

a) Rabat

b) Maputo

c) Abuja

d) Managua

e)  Podgorica

Q.9) What is the currency of Syria?

a) Dollar

b) Euro

c) Pound

d) Dinar

e) Riyal

Q.10) Who is the editor of the book Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar: Vyakti Nahin Sankalp’?

a) Shri Kisan Makwana

b) Shri Kaushik Makwana

c) Shri Kishor Makwana

d) Shri Krishna Makwana

e) Shri Kishan Makwana

Q.11) Who has been conferred with the Raj Kapoor Lifetime Achievement?

a) Dharmendra

b) Rajkumar Hirani

c) Vijay Chavan

d) Mrinal Kulkarni

e)  None of these

Q.12) Which team has topped the top FIFA rankings in April (2018)?

a) Brazil

b) Germany

c) Belgium

d) Portugal

e) Argentina

Q.13) Who has won the Taipei Challenger 2018?

a) Prakash Padukonae

b) Kidambi Srinath

c) Yuki Bhambri

d) Prannoy Kumar

e) None of these

Q.14) Which state government has launched Quality Evaluation for Sustainable Transformation centre-QUEST?

a) Tamil Nadu

b) Madhya Pradesh

c) Maharashtra

d) West Bengal

e) Karnataka

Q.15) What is the currency of Sweden?

a) Peso

b) Euro

c) Dollar

d) Krone

e) Krona