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Q.1) How much farmers have to pay for PM Kisan Pension Scheme?

a) Rs 100

b) Rs 150

c) Rs 200

d) Rs 250

e) Rs 300

Q.2) Senior Asian Artistic Gymnastics Championship is to be held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

a) Santiago, Chile

b) Vienna, Austria

c) Jakarta, Indonesia

d) Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

e) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Q.3) Who launched an app in collaboration with the United States India Educational Foundation?

a) San mateo Community

b) Education USA

c) Seattle Central College

d) University of New Heaven

e) HP EduTap

Q.4) India appreciated ‘Royal Pardon’ to _______Indians by the Sultan of Oman.

a) 17

b) 19

c) 21

d) 23

e) 25

Q.5) Who to be honoured with humanitarian award by UNICEF?

a) Sujatha Krishnan

b) Priyanka Chopra

c) Anushka Sharma

d) Deepika Padukone

e) Sonam Rangoore

Q.6) Researchers said that the people could be ingesting _____ of microscopic plastic particles every week.

a) 5g

b) 4g

c) 5b

d) 5b

e) 3g

Q.7) Indian girl Ms. Tony was honoured in ____ for Green efforts.

a) Indonesia

b) South Africa

c) UAE

d) Pakistan

e) USA

Q.8) Reckitt Names Pepsico’s ___________ as CEO.

a) Radha Krishnan

b) Laxman Narasimhan

c) Sundar Narayanan

d) Ram Veera Kumar

e) Jeya Dev Virat

Q.9) Central government extended the Rs. _____ aid to Nepal for Rebuilding Earthquake-hit Houses.

a) 2 Billions

b) 5 Billions

c) 6 Billions

d) 6 Billions

e) 8 Billions

Q.10) The theme for 2019 for the day of International Albinism Awareness Day (IAAD) is “__________”.

a) Still Standing Strong

b) Towards Standing Comfort

c) Fortune Standing for Strong

d) Strength and Growth Standing

e) Amazing things come from comfort zone

Q.11) Scientists has discovered a new frog species namely ________ in the Northeast region.

a) Bicryweris  naini

b) Macryletta Rhinoceros

c) Bacryletta shanias

d) Micryletta Leopard

e) Micryletta aishani

Q.12) When World Blood Donor Day is observed?

a) June 11

b) June 12

c) June 13

d) June 14

e) June 15

Q.13) Famous Poet and lyricist Pazhavila Ramesan passed away in Kerala.

a) Palakkad Madhava Nair

b) Kozhikode Govindhan

c) Ram Vilas Raju

d) Pazhavila Ramesan

e) Thottathil Rama Krishnan

Q.14) Which company emerged as the most trusted brand in India in 2019 according to TRA Research Report 2019?

a) Reliance

b) Dell

c) Amazon

d) Samsung

e) HP

Q.15) When is the International Albinism Awareness Day 2019 observed?

a) June 11

b) June 12

c) June 13

d) June 14

e) June 15

Q.16) Which Country topped the Global Peace Index rankings 2019?

a) New Zealand

b) Austria

c) Sweden

d) Iceland

e) Norway

Q.17) India’s FDI Inflows during the five fiscal years of the Modi Govt hit to _________.

a) 38 millions

b) 42 millions

c) 39 millions

d) 47 millions

e) 29 millions

Q.18) ________ announced that it will not back down from its decision to buy Russian S-400 missile defence systems

a) Brazil

b) France

c) Turkey

d) India

e) Australia

Q.19) Who was awarded the 54th Jnanpith Award?

a) Amitav Ghosh

b) Shankha Ghosh

c) Girish Karnad

d) Krishna Sobti

e) Arundathi Roy

Q.20) Carmichael coal mine project of Adani group is being established __________.

a) Austria

b) Yemen

c) Iraq

d) Australia

e) Iran

Q.21) Which organisation won the 2019 BBC World Service Global Champion Award?

a) Etasha Society

b) Akshaya Patra

c) Mahila Dakshata Samiti

d) Navjyoti India Foundation

e) Vedham Trust

Q.22) Chinese President conferred ___________, Kyrgyzstan’s highest National award.

a) Altyn Qyran Order

b) Honorary Freedom

c) Manas Order of the First Degree

d) Legion of Honour

e) French de Lord Quisingo

Q.23) ___________claim biggest ever Women’s FIFA World Cup win.

a) Pakistan

b) South Africa

c) Indonesia

d) United States of America

e) Malaysia

Q.24) ______________ to lead the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne as the chief guest to celebrate ‘courage’ as its central theme.

a) Amitabh Bachchan

b) Aamir Khan

c) Hrithik Roshan

d) Akshay Kumar

e) Shahrukh khan 

Q.25) Who took charge as Speaker of Andhra Pradesh Assembly?

a) Tammineni Sitaram

b) Pollachi Jeyaraman

c) Nageshwara Rao

d) Muhamad Ansari

e) Raja sekara Naidu

Q.26) India ranked _______ in the Global Peace Index 2019 rankings.

a) 136

b) 141

c) 156

d) 162

e) 127

Q.27) India has decided to impose retaliatory tariffs on 29 ________ goods.

a) UK

b) China

c) Pakistan

d) USA

e) Japan

Q.28) The 16th Asia Media Summit was focused on ___________.

a) Media Digitalisation – Focusing on Developing Markets

b) Design, manufacturing and environmental challenges

c) Beyond sustainability: regenerating large-scale degraded landscapes

d) Access to knowledge/information in the age of big data

e) Accompany to wealth in the time of lighting data

Q.29) Cancer-hit badminton star _________ announced his retirement, ending a brilliant career.

a) Lui Chang Dei

b) Lang Fang Wei

c) Wang Xiu Ying

d) Lee Chong Wei

e) Li Qiang Dong

Q.30) What is the mission of NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft?

a) to study asteroids

b) to study the outer Solar System

c) to study Pluto

d) to study the Kuiper belt

e) to study Mars

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