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Q.1) Recently, the Book signed by Tagore auctioned for how much amount?

a) USD 100

b) USD 200

c) USD 700

d) USD 400

e) USD 500

Q.2) Which city has emerged as the top city to show improvement in quality of governance?

a) Cochin

b) Mumbai

c) Lucknow

d) Chennai

e) Pune

Q.3) What is the name of the app released by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB)?

a) New India

b) Citizen Use

c) People Need

d) Citizen Services

e) None of these

Q.4) Which country cabinet approves nuclear power program national policy?

a) Japan

b) Indonesia

c) Saudi Arabia

d) Mauritius

e) Maldives

Q.5) Who has announced a donation of 1000 tonnes of rice and a cash grant of 2 million dollars towards multiple calamities relief in Madagascar?

a) Arun Jaitley

b) Ram Nath Kovind

c) Narendra Modi

d) Aravind Subramanian

e) None of these

Q.6) What is the rank of India in World Happiness Report 2018?

a) 189

b) 133

c) 155

d) 145

e) 121

Q.7) World Bank projects India’s GDP growth of how much percent for the next financial year?

a) 7.3 per cent

b) 7.9 per cent

c) 7.5 per cent

d) 7.2 per cent

e) 7.1 per cent

Q.8) Who has been elected to 4th term as german chancellor?

a) Martin Schulz

b) Angela Merkel

c) Joachim Sauer

d) Reichskanzler

e) Kanzler

Q.9) Who has been appointed as CIA’s First Female Director?

a) Sidney Souers

b) Gina Haspel

c) Hoyt Vandenberg

d) Allen Dulles

e) John A. McCone

Q.10) Narendra Jha who passed away recently belongs to which field?

a) Musician

b) Actor

c) Director

d) Scientist

e) None of these

Q.11) What is the theme of world consumer day 2018?

a) Producing Digital Marketplaces

b) Making Digital places Fairer

c) Making Digital India

d) Making Digital Marketplaces Fairer

e) None of these

Q.12) Tagore became the first Indian to win a Nobel Prize in which year?

a) 1915

b) 1925

c) 1913

d) 1912

e) 1921

Q.13) What is the abbreviation of “R” in NCRB?

a) Render

b) Renewal

c) Rural

d) Residue

e) Reside

Q.14) What is the currency of Madagascar?

a) Ariary

b) Lev

c) Euro

d) Pound

e) Rial

Q.15) What is the capital of Slovenia?

a) Tirane

b) Ljubljana

c) Yaounde

d) Bogota

e) Malabo