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Q.1) Who launched ‘One Nation, One Card’ Model from Ahmedabad, Gujarat for seamless travel through different metros and other transport systems ?

a) Nitin Gadkari

b) Piyush Goel

c) P.M Narendra Modi

d) Venkaiya Naidu

e) Sushma Swaraj’

Q.2) The 46th session of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation (OIC) has been hosted by ______

a) Tirana

b) Buenos Aires

c) Launda

d) Kabul

e) Abu Dhabi

Q.3) What is the currency of UAE?

a) Dirham

b) Franc

c) Euro

d) Piastre

e) Dinar

Q.4) Along with which country did the United States decided to call off their joint exercise “Foal Eagle” and “Key Resolve” to ease tensions with North Korea ?

a) Seychelles

b) Slovenia

c) South Korea

d) South Africa

e) South Sudan

Q.5) Indian Space Research Organisation launched “Yuva VIgyani Karyakram”, a “Young Scientist Programme” for the School Children to be studying in the ninth standard.ISRO is headquartered in ______

a) Bengaluru

b) Mumbai

c) Lucknow

d) Kolkata

e) New Delhi

Q.6) Who ranked first in the Confidence Board Global Consumer Confidence Survey which was conducted in collaboration with a global performance management company Nielsen Holdings ?

a) Vietnam

b) India

c) China

d) Indonesia

e) Japan

Q.7) Pranay Kumar Verma has been appointed as India’s Ambassador to which of the following country by the Ministry of External Affairs?

a) Japan

b) Thailand

c) Pakistan

d) Indonesia

e) Vietnam

Q.8) Hanoi is the capital city of which of the following country?

a) Vietnam

b) Hong Kong

c) Sri Lanka

d) Indonesia

e) Thailand

Q.9) Who has been designated as secretary of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH)?

a) Kumar Verma

b) Sheikh Ahmad

c) Sanjeev Ranjan

d) Nagendra Nath Sinha

e) PV Ramesh

Q.10) Which of the following bank has been awarded the Best Bank Award by the Tamil Nadu government for successfully meeting the needs of women’s self-help groups (SHGs)?

a) Canara Bank

b) KVB

c) ICICI Bank

d) Axis Bank

e) Indian Bank

Q.11) National Safety Day(NSC) is being observed on ______

a) March 1

b) March 2

c) March 5

d) March 3

e) March 4

Q.12) What is the theme of National Safety Day(NSC)?

a) ‘Life below water: for people and planet’

b) ‘Keep everyone Safe’

c) “Cultivate and Sustain a safety culture for building nation”.

d) “Reinforce positive behavior at the workplace to achieve safety and health goals”.

e) None of these

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