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Q.1) Name the first ever joint exercise between the armies of India and Japan that willl be held in Mizoram?

a) Sudarshan Shakti

b) Ekuverin

c) Ajeya Warrior

d) Dharma Guardian

e) Yudh Abhyas

Q.2) The Kati Bihu festival is being celebrated in which of the following state?

a) Bihar

b) Gujarat

c) Karnataka

d) Assam

e) Mizoram

Q.3) The government has launched a national campaign ‘Swasth Bharat Yatra’ on which of the following day?

a) World Animal Day

b) World Food Day

c) National Cleanliness Day

d) World Students Day

e) World Peace Day

Q.4) Which department has launched ‘NCR RASTA’ and ‘Yatri RASTA’ mobile apps?

a) Health and Family Welfare Ministry

b) Railways Ministry

c) Food and Agriculture Ministry

d) Tourism Ministry

e) Defence

Q.5) What is the currency of Yemen?

a) Pound

b) Yen

c) Peso

d) Rial

e) Dinar

Q.6) The Ariane 5 rocket carried two probes into orbit for a joint mission to which of the following planet?

a) Mars

b) Neptune

c) Venus

d) Mercury

e) Jupiter

Q.7) Who has won the Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2018 title?

a) Gregory Crewdson

b) Annie Leibovitz

c) Marsel van Oosten

d) Richard Avedon

e) Elliott Erwitt

Q.8) Who has been honoured with the ‘Presidential Medal for Combating Human Trafficking’?

a) Margot Wallström

b) Åsa Romson

c) Minal Patel Davis

d) Annika Strandhäll

e) Gabriel Wikström

Q.9) When does the World Osteoporosis Day observed?

a) October 21

b) October 23

c) October 20

d) October 19

e) October 22

Q.10) Where is the headquarters of International Osteoporosis Foundation located?

a) London, UK

b) Geneva, Switzerland

c) Brussels, Belgium

d) Nyon, Switzerland

e) Paris France