1.Two ants starts simultaneously from two ant holes towards each other.The first ant covers 8% of the distance between the two ant holes in 3hours,the second ant covered 7/120 of the distance in 2hours 30minutes.Find the Speed(feet/hr) of the second ant if the first ant travelled 800 feet to the meeting point?


Ants Speed Time Distance
1st Ant 3 hr 8%=800 feet
2nd Ant 2hr 30 min

Given that the 1st Ant covers 8% =800 Feet of the total Distance in 3hours.




Total distance=10000feet

2nd Ant Covers  (7/120)×10000 for 2 hours 30 minutes =150Minutes

Then 2nd Ant Covers:

Time Distance Directly Proportional

70000 × 180

120 ×150

150Minutes 70000/120feet
180Minutes 700 Feet


700 feet in 3hours

Given that 2 Ant Covers (800+700)=1500 Feet in 3 Hours

Hence 1500 Feet=15% of the total Distance in 3 Hours

For 1 Hour two ant can cover a Distance =1500/3 = 500Feet

Therefore, Both can cover a total distance 10000feet in=10000/500

= 20 hours

So 2nd ant Speed =Distance/Time

2nd ant Distance=700Feet/20hr