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Murano to St. Mark’s Square is a downstream journey on a stream which flows at a speed of 5km/hr. Meenesh and Vinesh run a shuttle service between the two cities which is 300 kms apart. Meenesh, who starts from Murano has a still-water speed of 25km/hr , while Vinesh, who starts from St. Mark’s Square at the same time has a still-water speed of 15km/hr. When will they both meet for the first time? When and where will they meet for the second time?


For the First Time:

Meenesh and Vinesh will Start from 2 different City and they are Travelling in the Opposite Direction,which is 300 kms apart.

Speed of Stream=5Km/hr ,  Speed of Meenesh=25km/hr ,  Speed of Vinesh=15 km/hr


 Speed in Still Water Speed of Stream DownStream Speed UpStream Speed


25km/hr 5Km/hr 30Km/hr


Vinesh 15Km/hr 5Km/hr 20Km/hr


Time=Total Distance/Relative Speed

Relative Speed(Travelling Opposite Direction)=30km/hr + 10km/hr=40Km/hr.

Time=300/40=7.5 Hours

Therefore, After 7.5 Hours both Meenesh and Vinesh will meet.

For the Second Time:

        Speed of Meenesh=30Km/hr

         Time =Distance/Speed;


 Meenesh  will Reach St.Mark Square after 10 Hours.

At the time , Vinesh will be 100Km ahead from St.Mark’s Square.

Now ,Speed of Meenesh will vary because he,will be moving in Upward Direction

Meenesh Speed=25km/hr-5Km/hr=20km/hr

For the Second Time,they will Meet at:

                   Time Taken=Distance/Relative Speed

Relative Speed=Meenesh Speed-Vinesh Speed

                           =2oKm/hr- 10Km/hr


Time Taken=100/10


           Total Time=10+10=20hr

Therefore After 20 Hours they will meet for the Second Time and they will meet at a point which is 200km from St.Mark’s Square

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